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Bush Seeks to Block Enemies from Space

Okay, maybe it’s just me but when I saw this headline — “Bush seeks to block enemies from space,” I had a good laugh and thought to myself… What next, is Bush considering waging war with aliens from outer space? Who knows he might still have time to consider conquering Mars before the Martians land […]

John Kerry Responds to Kerry Healey Invoking His Name in Attack Ad

Kerry Healy, Republican candidate for Governor of Massachusetts, launched a new advertisement today, referencing John Kerry in her attacks on Democratic candidate Deval Patrick. John Kerry’s smack down response to Kerry Healy is below: “If Kerry Healey wants to invoke my name in her attack ads against Deval Patrick, then bring it on. Maybe since […]

Kolbe Page Matter Gets Referred to House Ethics Panel

Members of the Page Board who are looking into the allegations about former Rep. Mark Foley have now turned the matter of investigating the questionable actions of Rep. Jim Kolbe (R-Ariz.), “over to the House ethics committee, formally known as the Committee on Standards of Official Conduct.” “It was about other allegations and I’d like […]

Kerry: Will You Fight With Them?

John Kerry has been working hard this year to make sure that “no veteran loses to a lie in 2006.” On the HuffPo today, he issues a call to action: Will You Fight With Them? The good bloggers from the Patriot Project (who also post at the HuffPo) “have been the first to stand up […]

It Just Won’t Do to Be Blue in the Face of Defeat

For all intents and purposes it’s fairly clear at this point that a blue wave will be hitting the nation in November. “The direction,” Charlie Cook of the National Journal says, “barring some unforeseen event, is clear.” Karl Rove was doing some posturing yesterday at a fire-up the wingnuts luncheon with editors and reporters at […]

Liberal Talk Radio Phase II

In the wake of the news that Air America will file bankruptcy, comes the birth of a new liberal talk radio network. Say hello to NovaM Radio who will usher in their new network with the return of Mike Malloy to the airwaves… Nova M Radio, Inc. based in Phoenix, Arizona officially announced the formation […]

Baker Plan for Iraq Sounds Familiar — Can He Stop Bush From His “Gigantic Blunders”

It was noted yesterday in the news that Former Secretary of State James Baker’s plan for Iraq sounds a lot like the Kerry plan for Iraq. Marie Cocco of the CantonRep.com weighs in with this: So Baker again extends his wise old hand to rescue the president — and his party — from a great […]