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The GOP Lied

We need to repeat this over and over again… The GOP lied. In fact they have lied repeatedly. John Kerry made that point in his speech at the NH Jefferson Jackson dinner Friday night and the media has given it plenty of play. This quote has made the rounds and it needs to keep making […]

The Times They Are A Changing

The NY Times reports that voters allegiances are ripe for the picking these days. Hat tip to MBK in the comments here, the times they are a changing… IN May 1980, the pollster Richard Wirthlin huddled with his presidential candidate, Ronald Reagan, to plot a course through what looked like a daunting landscape for their […]

Kerry on Fox New Sunday (Video): Bush Administration “Living in a World of Make-Believe”

John Kerry was on Fox News Sunday this morning for an interview with Chris Wallace. Off the top, Kerry and Wallace discussed North Korea who the U.N. just voted to impose sanctions on yesterday. It comes as no surprise that the wingnuts are trying to pin the blame on North Korea’s nuke test on the […]

An Eye on ’08 – Bob Woodward: A Conversation With John Kerry

The Sunday WaPo has excerpts from an interview that Bob Woodward did with John Kerry some time ago. It’s timely in regards to Kerry throwing down the gauntlet in NH on Friday night during his speech at the NH Jefferson Jackson dinner. In an interview before the speech Friday night, Kerry told reporters: “This war […]

Desperate Times Call for Desperate Moves

The S.S. G.O.P. is sinking. But hold on… someone’s trying to throw them a life line — this is pathetic: A congressman who admitted to having an affair and a senator accused of using racial slurs will get some political help from President Bush next week. Bush will make campaign stops Thursday in Pennsylvania and […]