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Poll: Democratic Candidates Take Large Lead in Congressional Races

I try not to get too excited by polls, but this is quite a jump for the Democrats and it’s hard not to say at this point things are looking mighty good. The latest USA Today/Gallup Poll shows just four weeks before congressional mid-term elections, Democrats now hold a 23-point lead over GOP candidates. That’s […]

Kerry: We Don’t Have a Minute to Waste

Check out the 30 Days for Change blog at JohnKerry.com! 30 days left — we don’t have a minute to waste. That’s why I’m kicking off our 30 Days for Change blog here at johnkerry.com so we can provide up to the minute updates, information, travelogues, and so you can continue to engage directly as […]

John Kerry Weighs in on Reports of North Korea’s Nuclear Missile Test

The apparent nuclear test in North Korea last night is yet the latest in a long string of foreign policy failures from the Bush administration. Bush’s purported nuclear nonproliferation policy is a flop — just like the rest of his policies. Since George W. Bush became president, North Korea has restarted its nuclear reactor and […]

CNN Poll: Majority Think Hastert Should Resign

A new CNN poll released today shows that a majority of Americans believe the FoleyGate scandal should cost House Speaker Dennis Hastert his leadership post. The poll, conducted Friday through Sunday by Opinion Research Corporation, found that 52 percent of the 1,028 adults interviewed think Hastert should step aside. Only 31 percent said they think […]

Kerry’s Barnstorming Sparks Talk of an ’08 Run

John Kerry is on the road barnstorming for candidates across the country in the critical mid-term elections. As election day rapidly approaches, so too is the speculation for another Kerry run for the White House. Fact is John Kerry has never stopped fighting for the issues he believes in. Instead of retreating quietly from the […]

Journalists Included in Secret Iraq Meeting

Bob Woodward has let more than a few cats out of the bag in his latest book, ‘State of Denial.’ The latest making it’s way into the news is in today’s N.Y. Times. It was the kind of shadowy, secret Washington meeting that Bob Woodward is fond of describing in detail. In his new book, […]

John Kerry Vows Tougher Stance on Swift Boat Liars

In the wake of the recent Swift Boat smear against Patrick Murphy first reported here on Friday, John Kerry lashed out Sunday, while on the stump campaigning for legislative candidates in Iowa, against the group that campaigned against him during his last run for the White House. The group has reformed under the banner of […]

Iraq: America’s Mission in Iraq Has Substantially Failed

John Kerry said it months ago… It’s time to get out of Iraq — Iraq is in a civil war. He was right. Fareed Zakaria is the latest Bush apologist to peg it: “Iraq is now in a civil war.” When Iraq’s current government was formed last April, after four months of bitter disputes, wrangling […]