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John Kerry to Campaign with Democrats in Iowa, Nevada and New Hampshire

John Kerry is hitting the road again tomorrow starting in Iowa and then traveling to Nevada to campaign with Democratic candidates in critical state, local and federal races this fall. Kerry will also be the keynote speaker at this year’s New Hampshire Democratic Party’s Jefferson-Jackson dinner on Friday, October 13 in Manchester. We’ll have more […]

Jeb Hides in the Closet

When you can’t stand the heat – go in the closet right? Now Mark Foley isn’t the only Florida politician that has recently taken to hiding in the closet, Jeb Bush is reported to have gone into the closet too — but for a different reason — to escape from protesters as he was making […]

Robert Reich Gets It: “It’s Fairness, Stupid”

In his October 3 blog Democrats should talk about inequality, former Clinton Administration Labor Secretary Robert Reich makes an argument that runs counter to what many economists, MSM media, and certainly Republicans would have us think about the economy. Namely, that growth is steady and that unemployment is low. What Reich correctly reminds us is […]

Bush Signs FEMA Director Criteria Away

Get ready for Brownie II. Did Dubya learn anything from the Katrina fiasco with FEMA? Evidently not. Especially not when it comes to choosing a new FEMA director or reporting to Congress via any watchdogs within DHS. President Bush reserved the right to ignore key changes in Congress’s overhaul of the Federal Emergency Management Agency […]

Political Limbo: How Low Can the Republicans Go?

Just when they thought it was safe to run on the same old tired themes and memes that many Americans are wise to, the hubris of the GOP has come back to bite them in ass. Big time. Newsweek reports that the ” drip-drip-drip of scandal surrounding the former Congressman from Florida,” Mark Foley, which […]

30 Days until the House and Senate Change Hands

Sherrod Brown in Ohio. Bob Casey in Pennsylvania. Harold Ford in Tennessee. Claire McCaskill in Missouri. Jon Tester in Montana. Sheldon Whitehouse in Rhode Island. Based on the latest polling, these outstanding Democratic candidates are all strongly positioned to win on November 7th. Based on the latest polling there are 23-25 outstanding Democratic candidates who […]