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John Kerry Responds to Swift Boating of Patrick Murphy

At a press conference this morning Rep. Mike Fitzpatrick’s introduced and stood alongside three veterans who had come expressly to Swift Boat Patrick Murphy on Fitzpatrick’s behalf. Murphy is a former U.S. Army captain, Iraq war veteran, and the Democratic nominee for Pennsylvania’s 8th Congressional District. Rep. Fitzpatrick stood by silently as these men made […]

Pelosi Ready to Clean House

Nancy Pelosi is ready to clean house or more aptly put drain the swamp of GOP corruption… Franklin Roosevelt had his first hundred days. House Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi is thinking 100 hours, time enough, she says, to begin to “drain the swamp” after more than a decade of Republican rule. As in the first […]

Democrats Within Striking Distance of Winning Control of the Senate

The latest USA TODAY/Gallup Polls in six key Senate battle states show that Democratic candidates are “within striking distance of winning control of the Senate in the Nov. 7 elections.” The number of Republican-held seats with competitive Democratic challengers has expanded to include Virginia and Tennessee, where Democrat Harold Ford Jr. now holds a 5-percentage-point […]

Bon Jovi’s Good Works

Jon Bon Jovi is at it again. First it was a $1 million donation to Oprah’s Angel Network and Habitat for Humanity to build 28 homes in the Hurricane Katrina-ravaged town of Houma, LA; and now he’s teaming up with Bill Clinton to repair homes in Philly. When Jon Bon Jovi told former President Bill […]

Kerry Highlights New, Troubling Scientific Findings: 10 National Wildlife Refuges Threatened By Global Warming

A new report released today cites global warming as the single greatest challenge threatening our National Wildlife Refuge System and it paints urgency for the new Climate Change Legislation introduced by Senators Kerry and Snowe last Friday. “Scientists know we are moving closer to several ‘tipping points’ that within a decade could make it impossible […]

Will Fox Broadcast The End Of The World

As Fox News celebrated their 10th anniversay on October 4, the HuffPo was noting this fatalistic quote from Fox News head Roger Ailes about 9/11 in a new book recently released by Vanity Fair editor David Friend — Watching the World Change: The Stories Behind the Images of 9/11: “The implications from a television standpoint,” […]

Treating War’s Toll on the Mind

US News and World Report has a great story this week on PTSD. The story features Paul Rieckhoff, the Executive Director of IAVA and IAVA Member Vet Michael Zacchea. Rieckhoff calls the article “one of the most comprehensive and high-visibility pieces to date published on the growing problem of PTSD.” It’s well worth the read […]