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Kerry Defends Democrats’ Wartime Service With A Passion

John Kerry has made it a personal mission to defend veterans who are running as Democrats in this year’s congressional mid-term elections from attacks by Republican’s and their pack of smear spreaders. “His efforts on behalf of veterans” Rick Klein of the Boston Globe says, “could leave him with a corps of fiercely loyal supporters […]

Report: Halliburton-KBR May Block Congressional Oversight

We can’t handle the truth, but we can foot the bill? Is a little transparency too much to ask? According to an article in last Saturday’s Washington Post, an audit by the Special Inspector General for Iraq Reconstruction accuses Halliburton subsidiary KBR Inc. of stamping virtually every report to the government “proprietary.” According to the […]

John Kerry on New Global Climate Change Study

A report was published today on the economics of global warming Link to report. The report was produced by Nick Stern, the former chief economist of the World Bank and currently the Head of the UK Government Economic Service. The key conclusion is that the benefits of strong early action to reduce greenhouse gas emissions […]

Bush Appointee Said to Reject Advice on Endangered Species

More news today of the Bush administration rejecting the recommendations of scientists… Sound familiar – think Global Warming. This time it’s endangered species. A senior Bush political appointee at the Interior Department has rejected staff scientists’ recommendations to protect imperiled animals and plants under the Endangered Species Act at least six times in the past […]

Senator Kerry with “Fighting Dem” Patrick Murphy in Newtown, PA

Last Thursday I took the morning off from work to attend Senator Kerry’s rally with PA-08 Democratic Congressional candidate and Iraq war veteran Patrick Murphy, along with a few hundred other lucky and very excited people. It was a cold windy morning outside on the Student Center Terrace of Bucks County Community College in Newtown, PA but it sure didn’t cool off the crowd’s spirits!

Setting The Record Straight on Dishonest Attacks Against The Democratic Daily

For the past few days there have been some innuendo’s made on the blog of a former member of the Democratic Daily that have unfairly characterized me and the event which caused the departure of the former member. Sadly, I had hoped that this would be all laid to rest by now, but it seems […]

Crittenden: Rummy and Cheney Must Go

I would be hard pressed to say that there is anything I can agree with conservative columnist Jules Crittenden on, but today, I have to admit at least part of his column makes some sense — the rest of the column makes clear he’s locked in the same ‘State of Denial’ that the ‘decider’ is. […]

NY Times: We Endorse Ned Lamont for Senate.

Ned Lamont has received the endorsement of the N.Y. Times in the Sunday edition of the Times. The Times notes, “We are living in perilous times. Being able to work with the opposition party — Mr. Lieberman’s claim to fame — is hardly a sign of moral courage when the opposition party controls the White […]