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General Claudia Kennedy Defends Veteran John Kerry Against GOP Attacks

The firestorm over John Kerry’s comment yesterday that was BLOWN way out of proportion and distorted into an slight against the troops, who were by the way NEVER mentioned, continues. Kerry opened his speech at Pasadena City College with several one-liners, saying at one point that Bush had lived in Texas but now “lives in […]

Kerry Responds to Desperate Bush Smears – Media and Blogosphere in a Frenzy

The media and the blogosphere are in the midst of a frenzy like we haven’t seen since ’04 over the trading of barbs by Kerry and Bush today. The firestorm extraordinaire is as David Stout from N.Y. Times describes, “another example of the heated rhetoric surrounding the war issue as the Congressional elections approach.” There […]

Max Cleland on John Kerry’s Response to GOP Attacks

Max Cleland fired off a response to John Kerry’s press conference today, in support of Kerry, as Bill Frist was saying Kerry owed the troops an apology. Frist is wrong – oh so wrong. Max knows what it’s like to be hit by the Republican smear machine. Kudos to Max for stating the obvious: “I […]

Video & Transcript- Kerry: “I Apologize to No One for My Criticism of the President”

John Kerry hit back hard and furiously today on the attacks from the right wing on his statement criticizing Bush yesterday at a Phil Angelides rally on eduction reform in Pasadena, CA. All of the MSM news outlets including CNN are abuzz with this as well as the blogopshere – left and right. Watch the […]

John Kerry Responds to Republican Distortions, Pathetic Tony Snow Diversions and Distractions from Wing Nut-jobs

The right wing nut-jobs are full of Hot Air today as they attempt their latest attack on John Kerry. Talk about taking things out of context — Michelle Malkin claims that it was “Unmistakable what he meant,” referring to John Kerry’s statement to students a Pasadena City College yesterday during a rally for Phil Angelides. […]

Polls Show 4 Key Senate Races Tight

We’re down to the wire with a week to go for election day and there are 4 key Senate races that are tight, very tight — CNN reports they are “statistical dead heats, and Republican Sen. Mike DeWine faces uphill sledding in his re-election battle in Ohio, according to new CNN polls released Tuesday.” The […]

All Star Rally Gives Phil Angelides A Boost

California needs Phil Angelides. Enough of the actor turned politico who’s sold out the people of California over and over again to be party to BushCo style ‘cut and run’ politics. Arnold Schwarzenegger has sold California down the river of denial and it’s time to terminate his run in the Governor’s mansion. In Pasadena on […]

Barbara Boxer’s In The House

In the past 3 1/2 years of political blogging I’ve had the opportunity to meet quite a few politicians. From my days in New Hampshire for the ’04 primary to various political events here in the Los Angeles area, I’ve got a growing list of Democratic leaders past and present who I have had the […]