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Keith Olbermann Kicks it Up a Notch: “A Textbook Definition of Cowardice”

Tonight on Countdown the great Keith Olbermann kicked it up a notch. Picking up where Bill Clinton left off on Fox News Sunday.

The video of Keith’s Special Comment tonight is up on Crooks and Liars now.

Here’s the text of tonight’s special comment by Keith from MSNBC

Watch the video here.

“A textbook definition of cowardice”

Army Warns Rumsfeld It’s Billions Short

The L.A. Times has reported that the “Army’s top officer withheld a required 2008 budget plan from Pentagon leaders last month after protesting to Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld that the service could not maintain its current level of activity in Iraq plus its other global commitments without billions in additional funding.” The bottomline from […]

John Kerry: Losing Afghanistan, We’re Not Adequately Fighting the War We Should Be Fighting

We’ve lost focus on the war on terror, and the recent release of the NIE report over the weekend by the N.Y. Times helped to make it crystal clear, that our pressence in Iraq is, to quote John Kerry “a fuel depot for terror fanning the flames of worldwide jihadism.” Five years after 9/11, we […]

Who Wanted to “Cut and Run” from Somalia?

In the wake of Bill Clinton’s smackdown of Chris Wallace on FOX News yesterday, Glenn Greenwald has a post on Salon’s War Room this morning, that lays out the truth about who really wanted to ‘cut and run’ from Somalia in ’93. In a nut shell, it sure as hell wasn’t Bill Clinton or the […]

Food for Thought: Something’s Rotten in Food Oversight

There was plenty in the news last week about the E. coli outbreak caused by spinach that has run rampant across the country. Heh… what’s a little E. coli, right — when we can have factory grown produce and meats. Don’t worry they tell us, the spinach fields have been plowed under. Maybe Congress needs […]