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State, Local and Federal Officials Wary of Electronic Voting Machines

The Sunday edition of N.Y. Times has a piece on the growing concerns over electronic voting machines. It’s an issue that has been discussed here frequently in the past, and not everyone has seen eye to eye on the various aspects of the issue. Concerns are growing however, beyond the few who have championed the […]

Bin Laden Dead? — “Nope.”

I woke up in the middle of the night and checked the news online and found the headline saying that a French newpaper said that the Saudis believed Osama bin Laden was dead. Yawn. Glancing quickly through the story it seemed like hype to good to be true — America’s most dead, after BushCo had […]

Congress Voting in the Dark on Terror Program

Here we go again… Congress is preparing to debate and vote on Bush’s “detainee bill” next week and the majority of the members of the House and the Senate are clueless as to what is in the bill. Rick Klein of the Boston Globe reports, “fewer than 10 percent of the members of Congress have […]

How Safe is the Capitol With BushCo at the Helm?

The Bush administration can be proud of this one… for all their tough talk about keeping our nation safe, they can’t even protect the Capitol: Capitol Police officers warned their superiors this summer that the U.S. Capitol needed tighter security because of construction work, but a door was left unguarded this week, allowing the worst […]

Howard Dean: ‘Democrats Offer a New Direction’

There’s been a little tussle in the preogressive blogosphere today about the Democratic Party platform for the ’06 mid-terms which seems to be coming to a boil now with Howard Dean’s OP/ED in the WSJ. The tussle began with a Roll Call article that claimed that Democrats are planning to make the economy the central […]