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McAuliffe to Join Clinton ’08 Team?

For those who hope that there will be no Hillary ’08 run, sit down… Former DNC Chairman Terry McAuliffe has been stoking the fire by telling “business associates and Democratic donors that he will chair Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton’s (D-N.Y.) presidential campaign next year, according to several Democratic sources.” Together, Clinton, the favorite to win […]

Warner Backtracks and Flip Flips

Mark Warner is already backtracking and flip flopping on the swipe he took at John Kerry in Iowa on Monday, as well he should be, but he’s still off the mark in my book. National Journal’s Hotline reports, “Ex-VA Gov. Mark Warner (D) wants you to know: he thinks the Bush tax cuts for the […]

The Truth About Iraq

The news today about Iraq is bleak, very bleak. The WaPo reports that the U.S. military is unlikely to reduce the number of troops in Iraq before next spring because the current contingent of more than 140,000 troops is battling sectarian violence that could prove “fatal” to the country if not arrested.” “This level will […]

Government Report Shows EPA Fails Minority and Low-Income Communities Public Health at Risk

The Office of the Inspector General (IG) released a report in which it found that the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is failing to conduct environmental justice reviews of their programs, policies and activities. The report found that the EPA “cannot determine whether its programs cause disproportionately high and adverse human health or environmental effects on […]

Frist Makes Threat

Things are heating up over Bush’s “military tribunal” legislation, as Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist has now issued an ultimatum on the so-called “dissidents’ detainee bill.” The gloves are off… Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist signaled yesterday that he and other White House allies will filibuster a bill dealing with the interrogation and prosecution of […]

More Warner and the Tax Cuts

Yesterday, I posted about Mark Warner’s swipe at John Kerry in Iowa on Monday over the Bush tax cuts. Warner’s comments stuck in my craw, because it’s pretty much common knowledge that the economy always fares better under Democratic leadership. As Ezra Klein pointed out, “Polls show, and have shown, massive preferences among voters for […]