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Call on Congress to Pass “Emergency Paper Ballot Legislation’ Now

With all the recent news of screw ups at the polls, Brad Friedman is calling on Congress to pass “Emergency Paper Ballot Legislation.” Brad says in his post on BradBlog: Texas, Arkansas and other have already had to do this this year when Secretaries of State put out emergency notices to Elections Administrators to create […]

Faith, Politics and Values

Democrats don’t talk much about faith. It’s not that they don’t have faith and values, because truly the very foundation of what Democrats are about is all about faith and values. It’s different sort of faith and values than the conservatives tout, but it is the faith, in my book that Jesus taught 2 millennia […]

What Do You Imagine God Might Think About Torture, Mr. President?

Eugene Robinson writes in an OP/ED today, “I wish I could turn to cheerier matters, but I just can’t get past this torture issue — the fact that George W. Bush, the president of the United States of America, persists in demanding that Congress give him the right to torture anyone he considers a “high-value” […]

McCain ’08 At Risk Over Stand On Detainees

John McCain’s stand against Bush’s military tribunal legislation could be putting him at odds with the Republican party and stand in the way of an ’08 bid to become Bush’s successor. The WaPo reports: Sen. John McCain’s bid to position himself as the natural heir to President Bush as a wartime commander in chief and […]

Mark Warner Panders to Wealthy, Supports Bush Tax Cuts

Former Virginia Gov. Mark Warner was in Iowa yesterday pandering to the wealthy and defending the Bush tax cuts. Warner said at an event in Iowa with the Greater Des Moines Partnership in Des Moines, that Democrats have “taken the wrong approach in arguing against tax cuts enacted under President Bush,” and he singled out […]

Will Bush Bend on Terror Legislation?

Is it possible that Bush will bend on his “terror” legislation, or is this just a ploy until he gets it passed and then he can do the quickie revise with another one of his famous signing statements? The White House said Monday it was revising its proposal for dealing with terrorism suspects as indications […]