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John Kerry Stumps for Phil Angelides in Los Angeles

John Kerry was in Los Angeles campaigning for Phil Angelides for governor this morning. The resounding theme from Kerry was the importance of Democrats winning in November. Kerry repeatedly spoke about state programs that have been cut by Republicans and about politics that cater to special interests. He told L.A. votes, “You have a very, […]

Olbermann: Bush Owes Us An Apology

Keith Olbermann hit it out the park again tonight with another special commentary directed at Bush. Tonight’s commentary was on Bush’s Rose Garden news conference on Friday. We need a few more Keith Olbermann’s in the media. You know journalists with integrity, journalists who aren’t afraid to speak their minds, rather than pander to the […]

The President Forged It

On Sept. 18, 2001, “Congress authorized the president to attack Afghanistan and use force against any other “nations, organizations or persons” involved in the 9/11 attacks.” They didn’t write Bush a blank check that day, he forged it. The vast majority of Americans supported the ensuing war to depose the Taliban in Afghanistan and decimate […]

John Kerry at Pepperdine: “Service and Faith”

The following is the text of John Kerry’s speech at Pepperdine today. Enjoy reading the speech, I’ll have more later today about the speech… “Service and Faith” Senator John Kerry Pepperdine University Malibu, California September 18, 2006 Remarks as Prepared for Delivery Thank you. It’s wonderful to be here. For some time, I have looked […]

Hanging in Malibu Waiting for John Kerry to Speak

Just a quick hello from Malibu, where I am hanging out with YvonneCA enjoying the ocean breeze, waiting to head up to Pepperdine to hear John Kerry speak. Look for the text of the speech here before 2:00 pdt. I’ll have more later — and a big hello from YvonneCa!

Call Cruelty What It Is

The debate over Bush’s controversial military detainee legislation continues… Tom Malinowski, the Washington advocacy director for Human Rights Watch has an OP/ED in the WaPo, today that tells it like it is: President Bush is urging Congress to let the CIA keep using “alternative” interrogation procedures — which include, according to published accounts, forcing prisoners […]

John Kerry in Los Angeles Today

John Kerry will be stumping for Phil Angelides in West Hollywood in a just an hour or so. I’m heading out the door to attend the rally. Following the Angelides Rally, Kerry will be delivering a speech at pepperdine U this afternoon, which I am also attending. I’ll have more about both the rally and […]

In Politics, Aim for the Heart, Not the Head

There’s an interesting article on the WaPo this morning about politics, taking a look back into a study from the past and how recent primary in PA used a similar technique to attract voters. The success of the Fenty campaign, several political psychologists said, was in making energy the central emotive issue in the campaign. […]