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NATO Launches Offensive and Faces Growing Hurdle As Call for Troops Falls Short

On Saturday, “thousands of American and Afghan troops unleashed a new offensive against Taliban militants in eastern Afghanistan,” in an effort to” expand the government’s reach into the volatile Pakistani border region.” The operation comes as a NATO-led force, including 2,500 U.S. soldiers, is launching heavy attacks on militants in Afghanistan’s south, claiming to have […]

Patricia Kennedy Lawford Dies at 82

Patricia Kennedy Lawford has passed away, she was 82. Patricia Kennedy Lawford was the sister of President John F. Kennedy and wife of actor Peter Lawford. She died at her New York home of complications of pneumonia on Sunday, according to a spokeswoman for Sen. Edward M. Kennedy. Patricia Kennedy was the sixth child and […]

Gore ’08 May Become Clearer After Release of Book

Al Gore has a new book in the works which leads to some speculation, yet again about whether there will be a Gore ’08 run. Although Gore has said he has no plans to run again, the WaPo reports that he’s leaving the “door ever so slightly ajar,” and it is a “good bet that […]

Get The Point – Better Make It a Sharpie-or Else

Washington Whispers notes that Dubya has a Sharpie preference, and a penchant for one-upping Poppy: A father’s influence on his son can be incredible, from shaping a boy’s outlook on life to the tiny, seemingly unimportant things like choosing between Bic and Sharpie. That’s certainly been the case in the Bush family, where President Bush […]

14,000 Held in ‘Legal Vacuum’ in U.S. Secret War Prisons

As Bush fights for his military tribunal legislation, AP News reports that the U.S is holding some “14,000 detainees beyond the reach of established law,” in a “global network of overseas prisons.” On Sept. 6, the Pentagon issued their new interrogation manual banning forced abusive techniques, otherwise known as torture. And on the same day, […]

FOX Exposes the Princeton / Diebold Virus Hack Story

A few days ago, I posted about the Princeton professor who exposed the reality, that Diebold machines can be hacked virtually without leaving a trace. The story initially an exclusive by Brad Friedman of Brad Blog, had a little play in the MSM including AP and CNN via BradBlog, but now it has made it’s […]

Officials Say Voting Law Changes and New Technology Will Cause Trouble at Polls

The WaPo has a 3 page story today that gives an overview of what could go wrong at the polls in November. It’s well worth the read, giving a lot of insight into issues with electronic voting machines, possible technology glitches, voter registration and more. In a polarized political climate, in which elections are routinely […]

John Kerry Campaigns in Iowa City for Loebsack

John Kerry was in Iowa on Friday and Saturday campaigning for local candidates. The Iowa Press Citizen reports on one of the events: Sen. John Kerry had his assessment of the Iowa-Iowa State rivalry ready as he met with media and football fans at a tailgate party Saturday morning. “I know Iowa is ahead in […]