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A Unique Way to Support Our Troops

The other day my ex-wife sent me an email reminding me about this great way to really support our men and women serving in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Operation Hero Miles was created by Congressman C.A. Dutch Ruppersberger in cooperation with close to a dozen United States Airlines in October, 2003. The program allows troops stationed in Iraq or Afghanistan to fly home on leave for free. It also gives family members of wounded servicemen and women free plane tickets to visit their loved ones recovering at military hospitals across the country. Operation Hero Miles gives ordinary citizens an opportunity to help our troops in a very direct way that makes a real difference in their lives.

Kerry: Voters Now More Receptive to His Message

There’s a couple of stories in the news about Kerry’s trip to Iowa, yesterday and today. Kerry’s out on the campaign trail stumping for ’06 candidates and hammering the Bush adminstration. The piece below is great little overview of what’s Kerry’s been up to — with a little “Kerry was right.” It’s one of those […]

Kerry Responds to WSJ OP/Ed

Bush’s push for his proposed terror legislation includes what the Bush administration calls interpretation of Geneva conventions that “are so vague that they leave interrogators open to prosecution for a wide variety of techniques.” Bush said the Geneva Conventions’ Common Article 3 is vague and must be clarified to protect CIA interrogators from prosecution by […]

Kerry to Stump for Angelides and Deliver Major Policy Speech in Los Angeles on Monday

John Kerry will be in Los Angeles on Monday to stump for Phil Angelides. After the Angelides campaign rally, Kerry will be delivering a major policy speech at Pepperdine University in Malibu. The latest news from the Angelides campaign, is that Governor Schwarzenegger has only committed to one appearance but no traditional debates with Democrat […]

Online Poll Rates Kerry Most Trusted Senator Of 2006

Readers of a new on-line newsletter, the newpoliticalreview.com have selected Senator John Kerry (D-MA), “America’s Most Trusted Senator.” According to the newsletter’s publisher, Anthony Mirabile, the purpose of the poll is to encourage ongoing involvement in the political process. “Voting in elections is great,” he says, “but there’s more to democracy than casting a vote […]

Bush: For Torture Before He’s Against It

So where does George W. Bush really stand on torture? He was for it, before he was against it… “Let me say it plainly. No American president should be for torture before he’s against it.” – Senator John Kerry At his press conference yesterday, Bush alluded to the “special methods” he wants approved in the […]