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Kerry’s Second Shot

“Meet the Next President,” The Examiner says, there’s no reason why a Democrat shouldn’t have a second shot. Contrary to the notion that some Democrats have that “You get one chance. If you can’t win, then it’s time to let someone else try,” there are plenty of people who think otherwise. Like Sue Borden of […]

GOP Collides Over Detainees

When Bush and the GOP hyped their position on national security over the past couple of weeks, no doubt they did not have a battle on their own team in mind. But, that’s exactly what they have gotten and some folks may be thinking that this is a pure case of just desserts… Instead of […]

Ney to Plead to Guilty to Criminal Charge

Bob Ney, the Republican Ohio Rep. implicated in the Abramoff scandal has agreed to plead guilty to at least one criminal charge, “in a deal that could be announced as early as Friday, Capitol Hill sources said Thursday.” The Justice Department and Ney’s attorney would not discuss whether a deal has been reached. “I don’t […]

John Kerry on the Passing of Governor Ann Richards

John Kerry released the following statement today on the passing of Ann Richards: “Intelligence, eloquence, wit, and moxie, Ann Richards was a great American maverick who had it all. She carved out a special place in history, in politics, and in our hearts. Beating the odds, as the first woman Governor of Texas in fifty […]

Responding to ‘Letter across the divide’

Over the past few days, I’ve been exchanging emails with the new city editor at the Boston Herald, Jules Crittenden. What started as a not so innocent attempt to let me know he was aware that I had posted John Kerry’s OP/ED that was in the Herald on Saturday, has turned into an interesting conversation […]

Kerry Amendment Passes as Part of Port Security Package

The Senate passed Senator John Kerry’s bi-partisan amendment to the Port Security bill (HR 4954) today, that will ensure that seaport personnel, law enforcement and first responders get the security training and support they need in order to be better prepared in the event of an attack. Kerry’s amendment was accepted unanimously by the Senate. […]

Bolton Nomination on the Rocks – White House Looks to Keeep Bolton at U.N.

John Bolton’s nomination as ambassador to the U.N. has stalled in the Senate and the Bush administration is said to be exploring “other ways to keep him in the job after his temporary appointment expires in January.” The situation represents a sharp turnaround from two weeks ago, when the White House was confident it could […]

John Kerry Addresses Administration’s “Cut and Run Policy” on Afghanistan

Today, with Afghanistan in major jeopardy, John Kerry calls for 5,000 more American troops to be sent to Afghanistan. Kerry offered his plan to address the rapidly deteriorating situation in Afghanistan in a speech at Howard University in Washington, DC. A day after NATO refused to send more troops to Afghanistan, Kerry proposed that the […]