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John Kerry Talks National Security with Ed Schultz

John Kerry was on The Ed Schultz Show today talking about his “Real Security Plan,” with Big Eddie. It was a great interview, if you missed it — Listen Here. Speaking of Real Security, The Hill reports that Kerry and other members of Congress will be meeting with 9/11 families to discuss raising the “awareness […]

John Kerry – A Friend Of Mine: Jon Soltz

It’s been a long day, and I’m catching up with all sorts of news… John Kerry has a post on the HuffPo today about his friend Jon Soltz, the founder of VoteVets.org. VoteVets.org has an absolute must see new ad on the website, that I hope everyone will take the time to watch and donate […]

GOP Leaders Back Bush on Wiretapping and Tribunals

The Republican leadership in Congress has opted to throw its weight behind Bush’s two “most controversial national security programs, warrantless wiretapping and extrajudicial military tribunals.” It’s not cut and dry, as “party leaders are having trouble getting all their members on board, including the chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee.” The GOP leadership also […]

Kerry on NATO Refusal to Increase Troops in Afghanistan

NATO failed to win new troop commitments today, “urgently needed for its Afghanistan campaign,but the alliance said a 10-day offensive to dislodge Taliban fighters from their southern strongholds was achieving its goals despite the shortage of troops.” John Kerry responded to NATO’s refusal to send more troops to Afghanistan saying that despite tough rhetoric, the […]

John Kerry on Republican Failure to Denounce Boehner: Character Test for United States Senate

John Kerry challenged his Republican colleagues to denounce the comments of House Majority Leader John Boehner made to yesterday to reporters. Boehner, an Ohio Republican, told reporters, “I listen to my Democratic friends and I wonder if they’re more interested in protecting the terrorists than protecting the American people.” Below are John Kerry’s remarks that […]

Dems: NSA’s Input To Senate Panel Inappropriate

Dems on the Senate Intell Committee have complained that the NSA is playing politics in support of the secret domestic spying program used by the Bush administration to “intercept phone calls between alleged terrorists in the United States and abroad.” The NSA is supposed to act as a non partisan agency, yet clearly they are […]

John Kerry to Stump in Iowa for Candidates

John Kerry will be on the road stumping for candidates across the country this fall. This weekend John Kerry will travel across Iowa to campaign with Democratic candidates running in critical races up and down the ticket on Friday, September 15 and Saturday, September 16. Kerry’s two day swing will include stops in Indianola, Iowa […]

Got Chocolate? Newspaper Marketing Gurus Prepare for Stagflation

This would be funny if it weren’t so condescending. In their article SAGE Advice: ‘Stagflation’ and the Ad Market, Editor and Publisher’s Leo J. Shapiro, Steve Yahn, and Erik Shapiro advise newspapers on the nuances of advertising during times when consumers are worried about stagflation, as follows: “Consumers who are suffering through the misery of […]