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John Kerry’s ‘Real Security For America’ Speech on C-Span’s ‘Road to the White House’ Sunday

C-Span will carry John Kerry’s ‘Real Security For America’ speech at Faneuil Hall today, on their ‘Road to the White House” show Sunday evening at 6:30 pm and 9:30 pm, eastern.

John Kerry On Fire Delivering ‘Real Security For America’ Speech

By now, Sen. Kerry’s magnificent speech on national security is up on the web, along with a number of color photos of the event and in the news (here and here). No need, then, for me to post that speech again—only to urge people to read that speech carefully, and to look for the video […]

Sherrod Brown’s Democratic National Radio Address

Congressman Sherrod Brown delivered the Democratic Radio Address today in response to Bush’s 9/11 anniversary address. Brown is running for Senate in OH — it’s time to “take back Ohio” from the corrupt GOP beholding to BushCo. Great radio address from Brown today… Loved the line about grandmothers and shoes. Listen here. We ask our […]

John Kerry: Switch the Fight to Afghanistan

John Kerry ripped into the Bush administration with his speech on national security today. He’s been on a roll for the past few days since Congress has been back in session and Bush has been on the campaign trail trying to win back support for his national security failures and his war in Iraq, based […]

Introducing a Simplified Stagflation Index

The proposed Simplified Stagflation Index (SFI) is based on two numbers that are released to the public every month by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. The SFI is calculated as follows: SFI = (AHE-CPI) X 100 where, SFI = Simplified Stagflation Index AHE = Percent change in Average Hourly Earnings* CPI = Percent change […]

John Kerry OP/ED: Post-9/11 Policy Hasn’t Made World Safer: Rather Than Occupying Iraq, We Must Destroy al-Qaeda

In advance of his speech this morning at Boston’s Faneuil Hall, the Boston Herald featured an OP/ED from John Kerry today about the Bush administrations “Post-9/11 policy.” The complete and utter failure of the Bush administration both in Iraq and Afghanistan, grows clearer every day as the Senate Intel Committee’s report becomes public that there […]

John Kerry’s ‘Real Security For America’ Speech: “The Bush-Cheney Administration Has Engaged in a Policy of Cut and Run in Iraq”

In a short time John Kerry will step up to the podium at Faneuil Hall in Boston and deliver this speech, below that speaks to the heart of Americans who are fed up with the failed policies and lies and of the Bush administration. And speaking of the lies of the Bush administration…. The news […]