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Teresa Heinz Kerry: Bush No Help to Women in Poverty

In a column that appeared in the Dayton, OH Daily News, Teresa Heinz Kerry addresses an issue that is rarely talked about, but so important to the millions of women who live in poverty. The fact is that women still earn less than men and many spend “more years out of the work force, caring […]

Kerry Spokesman David Wade Responds to Sen. Greggs’ Bizarre Red Sox Lecture

In the midst of the debate on the Senate Floor today on a vote of “no confidence” in Donald Rumsfeld, Sen. Judd Gregg used some bizarre Monday morning quarterback logic in attempt to defend Rumsfeld. John Kerry’s spokesman and diehard Red Sox fan, David Wade responded to Sen. Judd Gregg’s twisted Red Sox logic on […]

What a Rackett

It appears that Tom DeLay’s wife had a cushy little gig going on… The Justice Department’s congressional lobbying-and-bribery investigation is looking into whether former House Majority Leader Tom DeLay’s wife received money from a lobbying firm for a no-show job, recent FBI interviews indicate.

John Kerry Responds to Bush Speech on the Creation of Military Commissions to Try Suspected Terrorists

It was long overdue, but Bush acknowledged today for the first time that the CIA does run “secret prisons overseas.” In his third speech in recent days on the “war on terror” Bush said, “tough interrogation forced terrorist leaders to reveal plots to attack the United States and its allies.” John Kerry responded to Bush’s […]

Twenty-Seven New House Polls Indicate Democratic Takeover

Chris Bowers has the scoop on MYDD… Twenty-Seven New House Polls Indicate Democratic Takeover

Kennedy Responds to Frist’s Immigration Comments

The immigration debate is at a stalemate. Senator Edward M. Kennedy released the following statement today in reaction to Senator Bill Frist’s comments that passing comprehensive immigration reform would be “next to impossible.” “How can Republicans say they are for making America safer when they can’t even pass a comprehensive immigration reform bill to protect […]

Bi-partisan Rummy Bashing

It seems that leaders and candidates in both the Democratic and Republican parties have found something to agree on: Rummy must go. Democrats and at least some Republicans appear to agree on one thing as the election approaches: Attacking Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld is a way to lift them to victory. For Democrats, the […]

Bill Nelson Stomping Katherine Harris in Florida

Republican Congresswoman Katherine Harris may have won the Florida GOP nomination for Senate but, Bill Nelson the Democratic incumbent is stomping her in the polls. The latest poll from Rasmussen Reports shows “Nelson, now leading 57% to 34% (see crosstabs), also remains the prohibitive favorite to win reelection in November. His lead has been as […]