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He’s No Bogeyman

Tony Snow(job) tried to salvage Rummy’s image from the toilet today, announcing that “Creating Donald Rumsfeld as a bogeyman may make for good politics but would make for a very lousy strategy at this time.” It may be a lousy strategy for the GOP and BushCo, but Congressional Democratic leaders are on the money in […]

Olbermann Slaps Down Bush – ‘Have You No Sense of Decency, Sir?’

Keith Olbermann issued a stunning rebuke tonight on Count Down to Bush’s speech today on the “war on terror,” and the correlation Bush drew when he “quoted a purported Osama Bin Laden letter that spoke of launching, “a media campaign to create a wedge between the American people and their government.”” Watch the video here: […]

Who Set the Wayback Machine for 1939?

If there’s one thing that has been apparent through the entire Bush regime it’s like taking a trip on the Way Back Machine. From King George I through WWII, we’ve had plenty of comparisons to make. Eugene Robinson asks in the WaPo today, “Who Set the Wayback Machine for 1939?” With George W. Bush talking […]

John Kerry Responds to Bush’s Speech to the Military Officers Association of America

The White House released an updated version of their anti-terrorism strategy today, and Bush backed up the release with a speech to the Military Officers Association of America. In his speech today, Bush quoted Osama bin Laden, in effort to back up his own failed policies. Watch a clip of Bush quoting Osama here. John […]

John Kerry to Address Real Security for All Americans

I’ve noted here several times in the past week or so about the Republican push on the national security, as they break out the fear-mongering memes and in hopes of winning back their straying base. The L.A. Times reports today that “It’s going to be “Security September” on Capitol Hill.” With GOP control of the […]

Rummy Must Go

Congressional Democratic leaders are calling for Rummy to take a hike. In a letter sent to Bush yesterday, the Democratic leaders urged Bush to “consider changing the civilian leadership at the Pentagon, saying that such a move would show he recognizes the problems his policies “have created in Iraq and elsewhere.”” The request comes a […]

In Search of Accurate Vote Totals

As we head into the mid-term elections, and the shadow of the ’08 presidential election looms beyond that, some in the media are starting to look a little closer at the issue of problems with our election system. Despoite talk of voter suppression and election fraud in some circles, the notion still has not caught […]

Democratic House and Senate Leaders Urge President to Change Course in Iraq; Call for Changes to Iraq Policy

As the Bush administration continues their push for support for the war in Iraq, Democratic leaders in the House and the Senate and ranking members of the key national security committees sent a letter to Bush yesterday, about the “continued deterioration of the security situation in Iraq.” Citing the escalating violence in the five weeks […]