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New Poll: Angry, Anti-Incumbent Voters Want Change

Americans are ready for a change. In November, the odds are that more Americans will go to the polls and say “enough is enough.” A new CNN poll shows that “Most Americans are angry about “something” when it comes to how the country is run, and they are more likely than in previous years to […]

G.O.P. to Abandon Immigration Reform

Senior Republicans will be meeting this week to make a “final decision on what do about immigration policy.” After months of posturing and stirring up outrage across the nation, it seems that they are now willing to drop the issue in leiu of pushing national security and the “war on terror.” As they prepare for […]

Krugman on “Healthcare Policy Malpractice” BushCo Style

Dem Daily reader Judith emailed me Paul Krugman’s latest column on healthcare, with a note sharing her thoughts on the column. Judith said in her email, “Health care should not be a profit making enterprise for big business and possibly for doctors who start corporations for tax benefits. And another illustration of why unregulated big […]

Democrats On A Roll

Today’s news brings more on the gains Democrats have made recently in the fight to regain control of Congress. Reuters reports that “Democrats enter the fall campaign with a clear edge in the high-stakes fight for control of the U.S. Congress, riding a wave of momentum that has them positioned to retake the U.S. House […]

John Kerry: Making College More Affordable

As the traditional school year begins this week, many high school seniors and their parents face the task of applying for college. Students who have worked hard through out high school, have hopes and dreams, high hopes and dreams, and to many their futures look daunting. Not because they don’t have the grades and scores […]

Doubting Karl

Once touted as the man with the plan, “Rove’s Word Is No Longer G.O.P. Gospel.” The N.Y. Times reports that Karl Rove, Dubya’s chief political adviser, is now “struggling to steer the Republican Party to victory this fall at a time when he appears to have the least political authority since he came to Washington.” […]

Standing On Shaky Ground

“Lady Luck and four leaf clovers” may not be enough to pull the GOP’s hold on the House off the shaky ground they are standing on. Everyday it seems that more and more voters are growing weary of the fact that the GOP is forcing more and more people into “harder times” that they “haven’t […]