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The Poppies…

With success like Afghanistan, we can count on BushCo to keep us safe from terror. Not only did the Bush adminstration let Osama slip away at Tora Bora, the news today is that poppy crops are at an all time high and soon, that crop will be fueling the high’s of junkies around the world. […]

War is Not a Solution for Terrorism

The Bush administration has been beating the drum again on the “war on terror,” while trying to regain support for the war in Iraq. Howard Zinn writes in the Boston Globe: War is not a solution for terrorism Howard Zinn September 2, 2006 THERE IS SOMETHING important to be learned from the recent experience of […]

Home for Labor Day, eating local, eating well

Cross posted from Sustainable Middle Class Blog: After travelling for most of the week for work, I’m looking forward to three days at home. If things go real well, I won’t get into a car at all. We can ride bikes to the grocery store and fill up the Burley. There’s fresh tomatoes, broccoli, and […]