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“This is What Democracy Looks Like”

While Bush was in Salt Lake City to address the American Legion on Thursday, the Democratic Mayor of Salt Lake City, Rocky Anderson addressed a crowd of thousands of cheering anti-Bush protesters, “calling President Bush a “dishonest, war-mongering, human-rights violating president” whose time in office would” rank as the worst presidency our nation has ever […]

Pipe Down, Rummy

It seems Keith Olbermann wasn’t the only one who took a swipe at Rummy today. An editorial in the L.A. Times blasted up one side and down the other saying, “Rumsfeld’s cranky outburst mangles a historical analogy, bad-mouths legitimate critics, and illustrates once again why the defense secretary should resign.” In a cranky speech Tuesday […]

John Kerry on Bush’s American Legion Speech: America Less Safe, More Divided Because of Failed Policies

George W. Bush started up the spin machine today in a speech to the American Legion, in attempts to “rally the American people behind him on the Iraq war and national security.” In deep denial, Bush just doesn’t get that he’s not going to regain the support he once had. He’s squandered the trust and […]

Olbermann’s Great Moment

I heard a little buzz about Olbermann’s great moment in TV history late last night, but had not found the time to go watch the video. Stuart O’Neill of Political Dogfight emailed me a while ago to let me know he had the video and transcript up on his blog. I watched the video a […]

Much Ado About Blogger’s Vacations

Many bloggers wrestle with keeping their blogs on top of the news and updated with new content frequently. In the world of the internets and 24/7 news, staying current is time consuming, at best. Today, the Wall Street Journal takes a look at what bloggers do when they want to take a vacation and how […]

Ahrnold Woos Environmentalists with Greenhouse Gas Restrictions

The Governator has been wooing environmentalists and carving a more moderate path in recent months, with an election looming. While I applaud his support of the “plan to cut by 25% the amount of greenhouse gases emitted from California electric power plants, refineries and other sources by the year 2020,” I’m not suckered into believing […]

BushCo Traveling in Style on Our Dime

If you’re like me you couldn’t afford much of a summer vacation this year. The economy sucks, gas prices are out of sight and travel just isn’t in the budget. It stinks to to give up a summer of excursions to the beach with the kids, I know… but think of it this way — […]

Let the Lies Begin

We got a little taste of what’s to come with Rummy’s speech to the American Legion on Tuesday, and it wasn’t pretty. It seems that BushCo is just getting warmed up and if the main course is anything like the appetizers, be prepared to be fed a pack of lies. President Bush and his surrogates […]