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Katrina, One Year Later: 1600 Candles Burn in NOLA

Residents of New Orleans gathered tonight for a candlelight vigil with 1600 candles to commemorate those who lost their lives after the devastation of Hurricane Katrina nearly one year ago in New Orleans. Those who gathered to remember the devastation of Hurricane Katrina shared “tears and anger at the officials who abandoned tens of thousands […]

Where’s The Federal Aid? ‘In Miss., Hope of Going Home Dwindles’

In Mississippi the hope of going home has dwindled. While Bush was in Mississippi today staging carefully orchestrated photo-ops, a media avail and small events with Bush-friendly locals he met with last year, reality has set in with some residents, and they recognize that the “possibilities of getting back home may now seem more remote […]

Watch Out For Voting Day Bugs

While many people remain in denial that electronic voting systems could create major problems including corrupted data, the WaPo had a piece today, by Dick Thornburgh, former Republican governor of PA and Richard Celeste, former Democratic governor of OH, warning readers to “Watch Out For Voting Day Bugs.” Among the problems they cite are machines […]

The Karr Media Madness

The media had a field day with John Mark Karr. For weeks the story of the professed confessor to the unsolved Jon Benet Ramsey murder was on every cable news station, in every newspaper and it was all hype — all the time. John Mark Karr was cleared today — his DNA did not match. […]

John Kerry: One Year Later, Action is the Only Option

In another photo-op moment today, Bush claimed today that he sees renewal after Katrina, but also suggested that buck stops at what money Congress has already approved. Of the $110 billion in hurricane aid approved by Congress since Katrina struck a year ago Tuesday, just $44 billion has been spent. The Bush administration has released […]

Ohio Governor: Strickland Lead Widens to 25 Points

The race for Governor in Ohio is looking mighty good these days. From Rasmussen Reports… Democratic Congressman Ted Strickland’s edge over Republican Secretary of State Ken Blackwell has ranged from four to seventeen percentage points. Now, in our latest election poll of Ohio’s gubernatorial race, Congressman Strickland leads his opponent by an intimidating 57% to […]

Quote of the Day: Joe is the Anti-Democrat

“We have Joe Lieberman calling himself a Democrat while running against a real candidate,” Lowendorf said. “He should keep it out of his language. . . . Joe is the anti-Democrat.”

Al Gore On Media Consolidation and ’08

On Sunday, Al Gore said that tighter than ever “political and economic control of the media is a major threat to democracy.” “Democracy is under attack,” Gore told an audience at the Edinburgh International Television Festival. “In my country and others around the world democracy is under attack,” the 58-year-old said. “There’s a feeling in […]