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CNN Poll: Opposition to Iraq War at an All-Time High

A new CNN Poll shows that opposition to the Iraq war is at an all time high. According to the poll released Monday, “only about a third of respondents saying they favor it.” No wonder Bush was on a push for support for the war again today. How long can the denial go on? Just […]

John Kerry has Showdown with Reporter, Hits Raw Nerve that Reporter Reveals to Bloggers After Conference Call

A recurring theme in the liberal blogosphere is to note the propensity of the MSM to allow the Republican Noise Machine to control the message in the media. In Lapdogs, Eric Boehlert demonstrated clearly that “the news media have utterly failed in their duty as watchdog for the public.” An instance of this was seen […]

Bush Urges Need for Troops to Stay in Iraq – John Kerry Responds to Bush Comment on ‘America’s Strained Psyche’

When you’re wrong, you’re wrong. And, no matter how much spin he puts on it, Bush is wrong about the American people and wrong about Iraq (and the list goes on and on…). In a White House press conference today, Bush claimed the U.S. “would lose ‘our soul as a nation’ if it gave up […]

Cast Your Vote in Ed Schultz’s ’08 Preference Poll

Ed Schultz has an ’08 preference poll up today — vote your preference here or here.

Another Bush Betrayal

Is the honeymoon finally over? The Bush-Blair marriage is struggling “after it was revealed that the Prime Minister believes the President has ‘let him down badly’ over the Middle East crisis.” The Daily Mail reports that Tony Blair ‘feels betrayed by Bush on Lebanon.’ In fact, a senior Downing Street source has said that, “privately, […]

Bush Administration Alters Cold War Documents To Conceal Data

Paranoia 101… Hide everything. Keep it all a secret. Don’t tell anyone. Even if people already know about it. The Bush administration has begun designating as secret some information that the government long provided even to its enemy the former Soviet Union: the numbers of strategic weapons in the U.S. nuclear arsenal during the Cold […]

Fear Finally Strikes Out

Security moms have been reported recently to be packing away their security blankets and looking for some new protectors — Big Daddy Bush is a miserable failure. The party of smear and fear is no longer credible. The American public sees through their desperate efforts to hang on for dear life to the “last gasps […]