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What if 9/11 Never Happened?

Cross posted from Liberal Values New York Magazine has several different writers provide their scenario for What If 9/11 Never Happened? As anyone who has watched Star Trek knows, change one thing and the whole time line changes in unpredictable ways. (Actually that’s how I see the consequences of the 2000 election going to Bush […]

George Will Gives Credit to John Kerry, Again: ‘The Triumph of Unrealism’ – Indeed

It all seems a little unreal, to have George Will giving John Kerry credit twice in a couple of days. It’s a triumph indeed, for those of us who have known all along that “John Kerry was Right” on so many levels. Cooperation between Pakistani and British law enforcement (the British draw upon useful experience […]

About Those Lieberman Backers

Earlier today, I posted about the ‘Vets For Freedom’ who have endorsed Joe Lieberman in Connecticut and as the Hartford Courant reports, they are creating quite a “stir.” Good. We need to spread this far and wide and be certain that people know that members of this group have ties to the Swift Boat Veterans […]

John Kerry on the Ed Schultz Show

John Kerry was on the Ed Schultz Show today talking to Big Eddie about his plan for health insurance for all Americans, and also discussing Iraq and the Middle East conflict. Incase you missed it, like I did, you can Listen Here.

Group with Ties to SBVT, ‘Vets For Freedom’ Back Lieberman

Joe Lieberman has some new backers in his bid to keep his Senate seat as an “Independent” Democrat, and those backers have some very unsavory ties. The Hartford Courant reports today that Vets for Freedom, “group with ties to the GOP advertised its backing of incumbent Sen. Joe Lieberman.” The group’s full-page ad Monday in […]

Republicans Play Follow The Leader Better Than Democrats

E.J. Dionne, Jr. compares the organization and party identification of Republicans and Democrats: “On the Republican side, everyone plays a role in supporting the party and building a party structure,” says Amy Chapman, executive director of Grassroots Democrats, which raises money for state party organizations. “It’s too big a job for one part of the […]

Americans Know Their Pop Culture

Cross Posted from Liberal Values As someone who goes to Walt Disney World virtually every year I see nothing wrong with the fact that 77% of Americans can identify two of Snow White’s dwarfs. I even have many of their autographs. I am bothered, but not surprised, that only 24% could identify two Supreme Court […]

Dogfight in Connecticut

Don Michak of the Journal Inquirer seems to have had the impression that the Lamont – Lieberman battle would be civil… What was he thinking? So much for civility in the now three-way race for the U.S. Senate. In separate e-mails sent to reporters over the weekend, top officials in the campaigns of Sen. Joseph […]