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Fronting for George

Bush has some new flacks fronting for him, or old flacks with a new name and as always the media seems to be complicit (hat tip to reader Dotti J)… George W. has a new veterans front group trying to give him some political cover. He had the notorious “Swift Boat Veterans for Trashing John […]

Cheney Crosses the Line Between Legitimate Political Discourse and Hysteria

Dan Froomkin asks in the WaPo today, “Did Cheney Go Too Far?” My question is — When? We’ve all seen Dick Cheney and the cabal go to far on countless occassions. Here’s a few quips of the latest episode of Cheney goes too far, per Froomkin: By insinuating that the sizeable majority of American voters […]

Blogometer Picks Up on Republican Rep. Fitzpatrick’s CoS Dirty Trick

Hotline’s Blogometer gives the Dem Daily’s Friday story on Republican Rep. Fitzpatrick’s Chief of Staff, Mike Conallen hijacking the Kerry – Murphy press conference for partisan purposes, a nod… KERRY: We Thought There Was Peace In Northern Ireland Pamela Leavey at The Democratic Daily has audio of a conference call with Sen. John Kerry (D-MA) […]

Looking Bad in the Northeast for the GOP

The WaPo reports that the Iraq war and Bush’s continued low approval ratings have been troublesome for the GOP in all regions of the country. But nowhere is the GOP brand more scuffed than in the Northeast, where this year’s circumstances are combining with long-term trends to endanger numerous incumbents.