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Enron: Skilling Ordered to Pony Up for Lay

Former Enron Corp. CEO Jeffrey Skilling has been ordered to pony up Ken Lay’s share of the $183 million Enron judgment, since it’s part of same fraud. Prosecutors said that with his conspiracy conviction, Skilling is “liable for all the proceeds attributable to all co-conspirators, indicted or unindicted, including Lay,” because they participated in the […]

Give It Up Joe II

The calls are going out to Joe Lieberman — Give it up , Joe. But the question remains is he listening? Howard Dean, chairman of the DNC said today on NBC’s “Meet the Press,” that Lieberman should “support his party — and Lamont — rather than running against him to defeat the Republicans.” “I know […]

Begging for the Faithful to Stand by Bush

Joshua Muravchik, a resident scholar at the American Enterprise Institute and a member of the PNAC, begs the neocons and other conservatives to stand by Bush in the WaPo, saying it “would be a terrible mistake” if they didn’t. Here’s the kicker from the one of the architects of the Iraq war… Bush has taken […]

Give It Up Joe, For the Good of the Party

Joe Lieberman isn’t fighting for the good of the Democratic Party, as he has attepted to claim, he’s fighting for his job and it’s time to give it up. The longer this goes on, “the harder it gets to detect any rationale for his candidacy that’s persuasive to anybody who isn’t Joe Lieberman.” Jonathan Chait […]

John Kerry, Groomsman

Yesterday was a big day for one member of John Kerry’s Boston staff — Setti Warren, the deputy state director for Senator John Kerry’s Boston office. Warren was married yesterday to Elizabeth Tasker Plummer, a daughter of Janet M. Plummer of Andover, N.H., and C. Randall Plummer of Washington, at Saltwater Farm in Tenants Harbor, […]

John Kerry Defines Republican Failures in the Fight on Terror and Stumps for Iraq Vet Patrick Murphy

In my post below, I noted that pundits are looking to the outcome of the Connecticut Senate race as a prediction on the ’08 presidential race. Potential ’08 candidates are stepping up to define their positions on Iraq and other hot topics issues. John Kerry has virtually remained outspoken against the Bush administration since the […]

Ted Kennedy: Cheney Cannot Use Fear To Cling To Power

In an Op/Ed in today’s Hartford Courant by Senator Ted Kennedy, Kennedy exposes the “ugly and frightening” truth that Dick Cheney and the Republican party will “stop at nothing to wrap Republicans in the flag and to insinuate that anyone who votes against them is giving aid and comfort to the terrorists.” Kennedy says, “It’s […]