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Bush and Cheney’s Reign of Error

Cross posted from Liberal Values The Philadelphia Daily News warns about Bush and Cheney’s Reign of Error. They are justifiably upset with Dick Cheney: Yesterday, Cheney bashed those who voted for Democrat Ned Lamont in the Connecticut Senate primary, claiming that these votes would encourage “al Qaeda types” to think that “they can break the […]

Republican Rep. Fitzpatrick’s Chief of Staff Hijacks Kerry – Murphy Press Conference for Partisan Purposes

The tele-conference with John Kerry and Patrick Murphy that was slated to be about Iraq, took a couple of weird turn of events this morning when the Chief of Staff of Republican Congressman Mike Fitzpatrick (PA-08), Murphy’s opponent, joined the tele-conference and challenged Murphy to a series of debates, which Murphy stated he had already […]

CT Still Checking Lieberman’s Petitions

The Hartford Courant reports that although Joe Lieberman is “acting like he is a candidate in November’s general election,” the state has not verified his petitions yet and “it won’t be known for several days whether his petition drive to gain a spot on the ballot is successful.” The morning after his primary defeat to […]

Lawrence O’Donnell Believes Lieberman Will Drop Out

Lawrence O’Donnell writing at Huffington Post believes that Joe Lieberman will drop out in September to avoid a humiliating loss: Now, both Clintons and everyone else in the Party are carrying Lamont on their shoulders. By late September, Bill Clinton will be onstage hugging his new best friend and starring in Lamont commercials. Connecticut’s much […]

Bush and Republicans Continue Slide in Latest Polls

George Bush showed a mild recovery in approval earlier in the summer. His recovery, which was limited as his approval remained under 40% in most polls, has ended. The latest AP-Ipsos Poll shows his approval is back down to 33%, matching his low from last May. The large majority who disapprove of George Bush include […]

United States Trails World in Accepting Evolution

Cross posted from Liberal Values A survey published in Science finds that the United States ranks 33 out of 34 countries studied on acceptance of evolution. At least we beat Turkey. (Hat tip to Stranger Fruit via The Lippard Blog and Panda’s Thumb.) Still doubt we are in danger of becoming a theocracy? Update: Since […]