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Let’s Fly Naked and End the Reign of Terror for Political Gain

Ever since the first time I flew across country after 9/11, I’ve had a personal theory that in order to be safe and make sure that no one can smuggle anything on an airplane, we should all be flying naked. My cross country travel experiences a few days ago, coupled with today’s Red Terror Alert, […]

Senator John Kerry and Patrick Murphy to hold a Press Conference Call on the War in Iraq on Friday

Senator John Kerry and Patrick Murphy will hold a press conference call on the war in Iraq on Friday. Patrick Murphy is a candidate for Pennsylvania’s 8th Congressional District. He’s a “young attorney who served in Iraq and was awarded the Bronze Star in February 2004.” In Iraq, Captain Murphy advised on offensive operations, initiated […]

Kerry Spokesman David Wade Responds to RNC Attacks: Americans Paying the Price for Republican Misdirection

Ken Mehlman went on the attack today against Senator’s John Kerry and Harry Reid for their comments on the failed policies of the Bush administration’s “War on Terror” today, in the wake of the terrorist plot thwarted in the U.K.. In a statement on the thwarted terrorist plot, John Kerry said earlier today: “Nearly five […]

John Kerry: Crisis Diplomacy Insufficient in Middle East

Always ahead of the curve, as Ron points out below, in an OP/ED in today’s Boston Herald, John Kerry writes about the Middle East crisis and the need to “work urgently, including through the United Nations, to achieve a sustainable cessation of hostilities that ensures Israel’s security and Lebanon’s territorial sovereignty.” Crisis diplomacy insufficient in […]

Tell Harry Reid To Strip Lieberman Of All Democratic Committee Positions

Ned Lamont won a major victory for the Democratic Party in Connecticut. However, Senator Joe Lieberman has self-proclaimed himself a martyr of partisanship. Lieberman has decided to file petitions and run against the democratic nominee in November because Joe is for Joe, not the Democratic Party he feigned to represent. I believe that Joe Lieberman has now earned the partisanship of which he so loudly professed to be a victim.


John Kerry on Thwarted Airline Terrorist Attacks

Last night the as the British news outlets began to report on the foiled airline terrorist plot in the UK, I thought here we go again. I went to sleep thinking about the foiled plot and hoped it would not affect travel here in the U.S.; I was wrong. I awoke this morning to find […]

Who’s Polarizing Now?

The Boston Globe has the answer — Joe Lieberman. But, as the Hartford Courant reports, Joe won’t let go — Lieberman Defiant In Defeat.