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Bad Connections, Good Connections

Yesterday morning, I arrived at LAX with my daughter to fly to Washington, DC to find that Delta had screwed up my ticket and I had no reservation although my credit card had been charged. It took a while to get the mess straightened out, and 6 hours later we arrived in DC at the […]

Reuters Drops Freelance Lebanese Photographer Over Image

Reuters dropped a freelance Lebanese photographer on Sunday “after he doctored an image of the aftermath of an Israeli air strike on Beirut.” The photograph by Adnan Hajj, which was published on news Web sites on Saturday, showed thick black smoke rising above buildings in the Lebanese capital after an Israeli air raid in the […]

Note from KJ

Having been out-of-touch for the better part of July, so thought I’d check in to see what’s happening around my local watering holes. I’m back in an area of the country where my literary bonds are strong, and that’s where the bulk of my energy is headed. As someone said the other day, “art is […]