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Bush’s Summer Vacation Reading List

Bush is taking a shorter vacation this August and AP reports he has a shorter reading list. Two of the books were about Republican Party hero Abraham Lincoln — “Lincoln: A Life of Purpose and Power,” by Richard Carwardine, and “Lincoln’s Greatest Speech: The Second Inaugural,” by Ronald C. White Jr. His third choice, “Polio: […]

JohnKerry.com Launches Podcasts

JohnKerry.com has launched a new feature — Podcasts. The Podcasts are available at JohnKerry.com and will also be available via the iTunes Music Store News & Politics podcast directory. Currently JohnKerry.com is featuring audio and video podcasts of the past two Faneuil Hall speeches: Health Care for All Americans and Our Energy Challenge. If you […]

U.S. Troops Say Iraqi Civil War Has Already Begun

As U.S. reinforcements arrive in Baghdad to “help quell sectarian violence and clamp down on other attacks” on Saturday “two bombs at a market northeast of the city wounded eight people.” The 3,700 soldiers of the Army’s 172nd Stryker Brigade moved in from the northern city of Mosul to bolster U.S. and Iraqi security forces […]

Heading East

I’m heading east today with my daughter. We’re off to Washington D.C. for a few days of sightseeing and I’ll add as a proud mother should, my daughter will be staying in D.C. for a few extra days to attend the International Youth Democracy Summit sponsored by the PresidentialClassroom.org. I’ll be blogging as often as […]

Bush Takes a Vacation – Blair Delays His to Work on Peace Deal

Maybe Tony Blair really is finally waking up and is willing to let go of Bush’s coat tails… While George W. has headed back to Crawford for a 10 day vacation, where he’ll do everything in his power to avoid his new neighbor, Tony Blair has “decided to delay his summer holiday for a few […]

The Flags of Our Sons

Found this heartwrenching OP/Ed in the NY Times last night. It’s a must read and it really is time to bring them home… The Flags of Our Sons By BILLY SHORE Published: August 4, 2006 Washington WHEN you fly as often as I do you learn to mind your own business as soon as you […]

Thomas Friedman Echoes Kerry Plan: Time for Plan B for Iraq

Iraq… Senator Chuck Hagel has said that the U.S. “needs to begin withdrawing troops from Iraq within the next six months.” He’s sounding a lot like John Kerry these days… Iraqis are “going to have to step up” and assume responsibility for defense of their country, Hagel told a telephone news conference from Washington. In […]