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Ted Kennedy Calls for Greater Accountability for Tutoring Options on NCLB

On Friday, Senator Ted Kennedy called for greater quality, better oversight, and closer coordination with schools in providing tutoring options mandated by NCLB. “Students urgently need these services, and we can’t tolerate fly-by-night tutoring that falls short of the meaningful help they need to succeed,” said Kennedy. “Today’s report indicates that the quality controls for […]

Groaning and Rolling My Eyes Over Vennochi’s Clueless Kerry Claims

Joan Vennochi always seems to delight in her hit-piece columns on Massachusetts politicians. Yesterday Vennochi was pontificating that politicians from Massachusetts received “Kisses in the heartland, kicks at home.” While I can not profess to know what type of reception Mitt Romney gets in MA from the conservative base, I do know a thing or […]

Case Dismissed: Judge Dismisses Entire Sherwood vs. Kerry, “Stolen Honor” Lawsuit

Breaking News: The Democratic Daily has just received word that Sherwood vs. Kerry has been dismissed… Yesterday, in a true victory against the “Swift Boat Veterans for Truth,” the Federal Court in Philadelphia issued a decision dismissing a defamation case brought by Carlton Sherwood against Senator John Kerry and his Pennsylvania campaign manager Anthony Podesta. […]

Conservative Christian Pat Robertson Once Promoted Oil Exploration – Now a Global Warming True Believer

Pat Robertson, the Conservative Christian broadcaster who “once promoted oil exploration” and just last year, said that “natural disasters affecting the globe, including hurricanes Katrina and Rita that wrecked the U.S. Gulf Coast, might be signs that the biblical apocalypse was nearing,” said yesterday that “the wave of scorching temperatures across the United States has […]