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John Kerry: “Administration Sending U.S. Troops into Crossfire of Escalating Civil War”

Donald Rumsfeld testified before the Senate Armed Services Committee this morning on Iraq. In his testimony he claimed he never “painted a rosy picture” about Iraq. ThinkProgress says not so. On the floor of the Senate this afternoon, John Kerry spoke about Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld’s deep denial on the situation in Iraq, as Rumsfeld […]

Court: DeLay’s Name Stays on Ballot

The Hammer gets nailed again, as a federal appeals court rules that he’ll have to face the voters… A federal appeals court panel on Thursday refused to let Texas Republicans replace Tom DeLay’s name on the November congressional ballot. The finding upheld a July ruling by a federal judge that the ballot must list DeLay, […]

Max Cleland Condemns Smear of Decorated Vietnam Veteran, Rep. John Murtha as “Un-American”

This morning, former Senator Max Cleland traveled to Johnstown, Pa. to denounce the partisan attacks against Rep. John Murtha by “Veterans for Truth,”a component of Veterans For Freedom. “Veterans for Truth,” is the same group, which defamed Sen. John Kerry’s military record during the 2004 Presidential election. They have now launched a new smear campaign […]

Dems Fight For a New Direction, Call For Stem Cell Research and a Real Minimum Wage Raise

The Senate Democratic Communications Center released the following press release today regarding Democrats’ fight for a new direction in America against the Do Nothing Republican Congress: With Congressional Republicans putting their allegiance to the right wing and the super-rich above the interests of the American people, Senate Democratic Leader Harry Reid, Assistant Democratic Leader Dick […]

Poll Shows Lieberman Losing Ground

The latest Quinnipiac University poll shows today that Ned Lamont has opened up a “double-digit lead” over Senator Joe Lieberman. The poll results come less than one week before Connecticut’s Democratic primary. Lamont, a political novice, had support from 54 percent of likely Democratic voters in the Quinnipiac University poll, while Lieberman, now in his […]

Eyes on Cuba

Both the White House and Congress, were caught clueless by Fidel Castro’s illness. On Wednesday they began to prepare for a “possible showdown in Cuba as lawmakers drafted legislation that would give millions of dollars to dissidents who fight for democratic change.” “The message will be, “The United States stands with you,’” Sen. Bill Nelson, […]