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Kennedy on the Rise in Uninsured Americans and More Economy Blues…

In my post below about the economy, I noted that there has been a rise in uninsured Americans under BushCo. The newly released Census Bureau statistics show that the number of uninsured Americans was record “46.6 million in 2005 demonstrating a 15.9% increase in those without health coverage.” Below is a statement from Senator Kennedy‚Äôs […]

Tossing the Good Economy Theory Out the Window

I’ve said here in the past that it was my opinion that the economy sucks. As a small business owner, I’ve seen the effects of the economic downturn first hand, that the Bush administration repeatedly has refused to acknowledge. The new Census report sheds light on what many of us know but some refuse to […]

Quote of the Day

“It’s like the Wizard of Oz. It showed the man behind the screen.” – Senator Chuck Schumer’s answer yesterday when asked about the “political repercussions of Hurricane Katrina on the Bush Administration.”

Bush talks to Brian Williams on Anniversary of Hurricane Katrina

Bush was in New Orleans yesterday on the anniversay of Hurricane Katrina. While in NOLA, he gave an exclusive interview to Brian Williams of NBC News. Williams hit Bush of out the gate with a statement from Professor Dyson from the University of Pennsylvania about his patrician upbringing and how it affected his initial reaction […]

Barney Frank: Afghanistan Ignored

Barney Frank writes in today’s Boston Globe that the war in Afghanistan has “largely disappeared from our national debate.” People continue to die there daily, Frank notes, but it seems that no one is noticing. Why is it that no one is noticing? Because of a conscious, unfortunately successful effort by the Bush administration and […]

Look Who’s Stumping for Joe Now

The Hartford Courant reports that former Republican vice presidential candidate Jack Kemp, will stump for Joe Lieberman. Kemp, a former congressman and Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, telephoned Lieberman to offer support to the three-term senator’s campaign against Greenwich businessman Ned Lamont, Lieberman said. No date for the visit has been set. “We’ve worked […]

Armitage Admits to Being First Source of C.I.A. Leak, Lawyer Says

A lawyer involved in the Plame case said on Tuesday that Richard Armitage has “acknowledged that he was the person whose conversation with a columnist in 2003 prompted a long, politically laden criminal investigation in what became known as the C.I.A. leak case.” Mr. Armitage did not return calls for comment. But the lawyer and […]

John Kerry on Katrina Anniversary: One Year Later, Miles to Go

It’s been a year of too little, too late when it comes to the Bush administration’s response to Hurricane Katrina. It’s evident every where you look, yet Dubya blithely says over and over again that progress is being made. Even today, as he made an appearance in New Orleans on the anniversary of the horrific […]