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John Kerry: Standing for Something

Following his speech on healthcare today, John Kerry posted a piece on the Huffington Post entitled “Standing for Something.” Well if there is an issue worth standing for on the domestic front, I couldn’t think of one better than healthcare. Kerry fought hard for a health care plan that he believed in when he ran […]

John Kerry Reacts to Bush Economic Remarks: “Nothing More Than a One- Note Empty Promise”

Bush attempted to use a visit to south Florida on Monday to focus on his domestic agenda by giving a speech on the economy. In the speech he was “touting free trade, low taxes and his vision for new immigration laws as cornerstones of a strong economy.” That message has taken on new urgency for […]

Senator Kerry Stakes Out Ground As a D-E-M-O-C-R-A-T…

By now you have heard or read about Senator Kerry’s speech at Faneuil Hall today. I was there in the back of the Hall, struggling to find a network to let me live-blog something out of the place, but it was not to be. These are some thoughts that I had while listening to the […]

Imus Quotes of the Day: John Kerry

John Kerry was on Imus in the Morning today to discuss his new healthcare plan that he laid out in a speech at Faneuil Hall today. Imus and Kerry discussed a myriad of issues including the crisis in the Middle East. Here’s the Imus Quotes of the Day… Imus speaks with Senator John Kerry (D) […]

John Kerry Lays Out Health Care Plan, Calls for Universal Health Care Coverage by 2012

In a speech today at Boston’s Faneuil Hall, Senator John Kerry put forth his comprehensive health care plan, which lowers the cost of and improves quality of health care, covers every child in America, and ensures that every American has access to the same type of health care that members of Congress give themselves. Kerry’s […]

Republicans: “Fooling the Voters”

The NY Times has a an editorial today explaining the latest Republican effort of “Fooling the Voters.” Thier latest manuevers of “fooling the voters” aren’t simply an attempt to slide one by on the voters, it’s worse, far worse, the Times explains in writing about the minimum wage increase that Republicans in the House passed […]

John Kerry: “If Congress Won’t Fix Healthcare, Then Americans Will Fix Congress”

John Kerry will deliver a speech today at noon at Faneuil Hall in Boston on healthcare. The speech will lay out Kerry’s comprehensive healthcare plan, a plan that Congress and the current administration had better get on board with, because American’s are wise to the fact that the healthcare crisis has “gotten worse” under the […]