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Bush’s Mideast Recipe for Disaster

Israel has moved to suspend air attacks for 2 days on Lebanon, after a strike in a Lebanese village killed 57 civilians, “most of them children, huddled inside a three-story building in a small village.” Condi was ready to abandon diplomacy in the region, and the WaPo reports, she “told reporters early Monday morning that […]

John Kerry on Imus Tomorrow Discussing Healthcare Plan

John Kerry will be live on Imus in the Morning at tomorrow morning at 7:29 a.m. est. discussing his healthcare plan that he will be speaking on at Boston’s Faneuil Hall at noon tomorrow. After the speech John Kerry will be sitting down at Faneuil Hall with Alan Colmes later in the day for a […]

Still Waiting… Report on Prewar Intelligence Lagging

Nine months ago, when angry Senate Minority Leader Harry M. Reid led Democrats in briefly shutting down the Senate last year “to protest the slow pace of a congressional investigation into prewar intelligence on Iraq,” it was a “rare victory.” Republicans called it a stunt but promised to quickly wrap up the inquiry. Sen. Pat […]

Democrats Offer Local Assistance to Candidates

The Washington Post reports on efforts by Democrats to win local elections, which includes a couple of names from the Kerry campaign, Mary Beth Cahill and Michael Whouley: Three of the Democratic Party’s top field organizers have formed a group to provide their party’s 2008 presidential nominee with road maps to victory in the dozen […]

George Bush as The Aristocrat

I’ve never really seen the appeal of the aristocrats joke (other than an excuse for making up extremely filthy stories), which also forms the basis of the movie of this name, but here’s one I like. Dan Conley has taken some liberties with the format, but in applying it to George Bush there’s finally a […]

Kerry Warms the Iowans

Before the fundraising event in Story City, Iowa that I reported on earlier, John Kerry took some time to speak with local residents of Story City who were at the event… The photo above of John Kerry speaking with Betty Haviland of Ames, Iowa, struck me as a classic example of the antithesis to “Kerry […]

Negativism on Iraq Echoes View of Vietnam War in 1970

E&P reports that an analysis released on Friday by the director of The Gallup Poll, Frank Newport, “shows that current public wishes for U.S. policy in the Iraq war eerily echo attitudes about the Vietnam war in 1970.” The most recent Gallup poll this month found that 52% of adult Americans want to see all […]