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The Bolton Hearing: John Kerry Helps Drain the Lifebood out of the Neocon Movement

One conservative blog was cooing today that “John Bolton totally outclassed Senator John F. Kerry in the Senate hearings on Thursday.” How laughable is that??? John Bolton out class John Kerry, not even in the wildest neocon dreams could that occur. John “Colonel Mustard” Bolton it seems is so good at “building alliances… He’s bringing […]

John Kerry on New Katrina Disaster Aid Report

Today the Government Accountability Office (GAO) released a report addressing the federal government’s failures in getting timely disaster assistance to Gulf Coast hurricane victims. According to the Governmental Accountability Office report, “four months after Hurricane Katrina hit the region last Aug. 29, an estimated 204,000 loan applications were still waiting to be approved.” After developing […]

House Republicans Tie Minimum Wage Hike to Tax Cuts for the Wealthy

Here we go again… Republicans in the House are willing to put through a minimum wage increase for the first time in nearly 10 years, but there’s a catch — the minimum was increase would be “coupled with a cut in future inheritance taxes on multimillion-dollar estates.” The Senate would take a vote on the […]

Democrats Launch ‘Six for ’06’

The Democrats launched their new ‘Six for ’06’ plan on Thursday. CNN reports, Harry Reid, the Senate’s top Democrat said the 1994 Republican campaign agenda — “Contract with America,” — was an “urban myth.” The new plan is a “compilation of positions the party has staked out over the past few months on income, national […]

Family Loses Two Sons to War, Army Probing 2nd Son’s Death

A reader tipped me by email to the story below yesterday of a Lubbock, TX family who has now lost both their sons to war. Sadly, AP News reports in related news, “Army probing 2nd son’s death.” Every day there are more reports of the war related deaths of our troops in Iraq and Afghanistan […]