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John Kerry Slams Bush on Handling of Mideast Conflict: “The President Has Been So Absent on Diplomacy”

John Kerry was in Detroit today stumping for Gov. Jennifer Granholm’s re-election campaign. While on the campaign trail with Granholm, Kerry took some time to take a jab or two at the Bush administration for its “lack of leadership in the Israeli-Lebanon conflict.” “If I was president, this wouldn’t have happened,” said Kerry during a […]

Iraq the “Fiasco”

The Washington Post is featuring an article adapted from a new book to be released on July 25, by Post staff writer Thomas E. Ricks – “Fiasco.” I quoted a quip from the article here yesterday. Ricks contends in his book, that in in Iraq, the U.S. military “forgot the lessons of Vietnam” and in […]

ABA to Recommend Congress Pass Legislation for Judicial Review of Bush’s Signing Statements

Although George W. Bush was not the first to use the presidential signing statement, he has certainly used it in the most controversial manner. In fact, “no president has used signing statements quite like Bush.” Although the president has not issued more statements in total than any other president, he has challenged more than 750 […]

In South Carolina, John Kerry Talks Healthcare at Townhall Meeting

John Kerry was in South Carolina on Saturday to attend a a fundraiser for Democrats running in statewide elections. AP reports that “about 250 people came out to hear what former presidential candidate and U.S. Sen. John Kerry had to say about health care disparities in America,” when he spoke at a town hall meeting… […]