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Insurance Policy Becomes Membership in Conservative Organization

Conservatives have long advocated unsuccessful scams in place of real solutions to the health care crisis in order to give the appearance of supporting reform. When enough people realized that H.M.O.’s were a poor solution. conservatives moved on to support health savings accounts. HSA’s provide one thing every Republican loves, a new tax shelter, while […]

Kristof’s Recommendations for Israel and Handling Terrorism

Nicholas Kristof has some advice for Israel which perhaps conservtives will consider as he cites one of their heros, Margaret Thatcher. Kristof starts with some background to the situation: In 1982, many friends of Israel vigorously supported its invasion of Lebanon, arguing that it was only assuring its own security. In retrospect, though, that assault […]

David Brooks Overestimates Bush

I would have thought that discussion of a dispute between different conservatives would be a topic which David Brooks would have handled well. While, like most liberal bloggers, I generally disagree with his columns, I don’t share the knee jerk hatred of him seen by some bloggers, and from time to time have found areas […]

Frank Rich on Bush’s Consistency

Frank Rich finds that The Decider is consistent. He can be counted on to place pandering to the religious right over more important duties of his office, such as keeping the country safe from terrorism: HOW time flies when democracy is on the march in the Middle East! Five whole years have passed since ominous […]

Kerry Slams Pace of New Orleans Recovery

John Kerry made his third visit to the hurricane Katrina ravaged New Orleans area on Friday where he was the keynote speaker at the 14th annual convention of the National Black Chamber of Commerce. While in New Orleans, the New Orleans Picayune reports that Kerry said “the government’s role in the recovery of hurricane-battered New […]

Stem Cell Research and Bush’s Legacy

Eleanor Clift warns that the Bush’s stem-cell veto will factor into close races and hurt the Republicans. It was perhaps even more significant when the Wall Street Journal issued similar warnings. While the veto will likely hurt politically short term, the real significance may be long term to Bush’s reputation. I’ve already thought that being […]

Lamont Leads Lieberman; Ties in Three Way Race

Word around the blogosphere is that Rasmussen shows Lamont’s lead up to 51% to 41% in a two way race in the Democratic primary and that they are tied at 40% each in a three way race should it occur in November. In previous posts I predicted Lieberman would wind up returning to the Senate […]

More Troops to Baghdad – “Iraq As a Political Project is Finished”

“Plans are now being drawn up to move additional forces to the Iraqi capital,” reports the NY Times. On Friday, “the top U.S. commander for the Middle East said Friday that the escalating sectarian violence in Baghdad had become a greater worry than the insurgency.” “The situation with sectarian violence in Baghdad is very serious,” […]