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Condi Rejects Quick Fix in Mideast

Condoleezza Rice rejected the “quick fix” of an immediate “cease-fire in the spreading war between Israel and Hezbollah” on Friday. Instead she said she would seek “long-term peace” during her trip to the Mideast beginning Sunday. The top U.S. diplomat defended her decision not to meet with Hezbollah leaders or their Syrian backers during her […]

John Kerry Addresses National Black Chamber Of Commerce Convention

As I reported here earlier, Senator John Kerry delivered the keynote address at the National Black Chamber of Commerce 14th annual convention today in New Orleans, Louisiana. This was Kerry’s third trip to Louisiana since Hurricane Katrina hit. Kerry addressed rebuilding efforts and the serious challenges that still remain for the Gulf Coast’s businesses and […]

Iraqi Leaders Fear Civil War

It looks like everyone except George Bush (and his defenders in the authoritarian right) realize that the war in Iraq is a failure. Defenders of The Decider claim the elections in Iraq as a sign of success, but those elected are not very optimistic. UPI reports: Iraqi leaders have all but given up on holding […]

John Kerry Smacks Down Rush Limbaugh’s Comments on Israel

Rush Limbaugh, the Viagra popping shock jock of the right wing, push the concept on air today that “Liberals, have hated Israel for the longest time and want to destroy it…” Not so, says John Kerry who issued a quick smack down on Limbaugh’s ridiculous and outrageous comments: “Rush Limbaugh’s ignorance and willingness to divide […]

John Kerry Talks Business at National Black Chamber of Commerce in New Orleans

John Kerry was in New Orleans today to address the National Black Chamber of Commerce. The visit was Kerry’s third visit to Louisiana since Hurricane Katrina, and his second visit to New Orleans. Kerry is the Ranking Member of the Senate Committee on Small Business & Entrepreneurship. More than 400 business leaders from more than […]

Blogger Fired For Discussing Geneva Conventions

The Washington Post tells the story of Christine Axsmith, a software contractor for the CIA, who was fired after her blog presented her views on torture and the Geneva Conventions. The blog “worried ‘the seventh floor’ at CIA, where the offices of the director and his management team are.” All very interesting, but I keep […]

Democrats Plan $30 Million Ad Buy

AP reports that House Democrats have “reserved time for more than $30 million worth of campaign advertising this fall in roughly two dozen congressional districts, with a heavy emphasis on the Northeast and Midwest.” The Democratic targets include clusters of Republican-held seats in the Philadelphia area held by Reps. Jim Gerlach, Curt Weldon and Michael […]

How Biblical is the Christian Right?

Margaret M. Mitchell, Professor of New Testament and Early Christian Literature at the University of Chicago asks How Biblical is the Christian Right? Biblical? Yes and no. Biblical in the sense of seeking biblical support for an agenda? Yes. Biblical in the sense of reading the whole Bible? No. Biblical in the sense of reading […]