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Republicans Lose Support in Suburbs over Stem Cell Research

The Wall Street Journal questions if the stem-cell issue will be the Republicans’ Undoing. Long term there are basically two reasons why people vote Republican. There is the religious right which supports Bush on issues such as restricting funding of stem cell research, and there are people such as suburbanites who vote Republican in the […]

Bloggers and Copyrighted Material

Kevin Drum briefly commented on the Pew survey on bloggers which I recently quoted. He writes that most findings are what would be expected: Except for one thing. According to the survey, 20% of bloggers say they either “often” or “sometimes” ask for permission to post copyrighted material. Really? I would have expected approximately 0%. […]

Kerry, Obama Call on FCC to Address Media Ownership Diversity

Senators John Kerry and Barack Obama called on the FCC, yesterday to immediately address the issues of minority, women and small business media ownership before taking up a second review of wider media ownership rules. In June 2004, the FCC issued a public notice seeking comment on ways to increase the number of minorities, women […]

Quote of the Day

“An administration that has shown itself over and over again to have trouble telling the truth is now telling Americans in wheelchairs, those with damaged hearts, babies who are diabetic and those left immobile by Parkinsonism not to worry. The president, whose grasp of science left him unable to identify creationism as a fundamentally religious […]

John Kerry Says Voting Rights Act a Good First Step, America Must Do More to Erase Barriers to Voting

The Senate voted to extend the Voting Rights Act of 1965 for 25 more years as “Republicans sought to earn goodwill from minority voters in a congressional election year.” The roll call vote was 98-0. Senator John Kerry spoke during the Senate debate today on his support for reauthorizing the Voting Rights Act. John Kerry […]

DeLay’s PAC Fined $115,000 and Going Out of Business

Another smack for the “Hammer”… Last night, the Federal Election Commission (FEC) released a conciliation agreement reached with Americans for a Republican Majority political action committee (ARMPAC) stemming from a complaint Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW) filed against the PAC last August. As a result of CREW’s FEC complaint, ARMPAC has agreed […]

The Toll of Middle East Conflict: Suffer the Children

As the fighting continues in the Middle East, the Bush administration has been “under pressure to launch some sort of diplomatic initiative.” An editorial in the WaPo says, that the calls may “sound reasonable” and “the loss of innocent life in Lebanon and Israel is tragic,” however, the “usual options in the State Department’s playbook […]

John Kerry Leads Bipartisan Effort to Improve Veterans Business Development

John Kerry, the Ranking Member on the Committee on Small Business and Entrepreneurship, introduced bipartisan legislation today, to reinvigorate the National Veterans Business Development Corporation (TVC) and expand its services and programs to veterans across the country. Kerry was joined by Committee Chair Olympia Snowe (R-Maine), Veterans’ Affairs Committee Ranking Member Daniel Akaka (D-Hawaii), and […]