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John Kerry To Visit South Carolina to Raise Money for Local Democrats

John Kerry announced on Tuesday that he will visit South Carolina this weekend to discuss health care and raise money for local Democrats. Kerry will stop in Charleston on Saturday morning to “talk about health care disparities and his plan to cover uninsured children, his office said.” Kerry will attend a rally Saturday afternoon in […]

John Kerry on Bush Stem Cell Veto: “This Wasn’t a Pro-life Veto”

Bush vetoed the stem cell research bill today, exercising the veto for the first time in 6 years. The legislation Bush vetoed today would have lifted Bush’s earlier restrictions and greatly increase the “number of lines that would be available to scientists.” John Kerry issued the following statement in response to Bush’s veto: “This wasn’t […]

Bush Vetoes Stem Cell Bill

Today, George W. Bush used the first veto of his reign in the executive office to “stop legislation that would have lifted restrictions on federally funded human embryonic stem cell research.” The Senate had voted 63 to 37 to approve the stem cell research bill yesterday. The House had passed the bill last year. Specifically, […]

U.S. Steps Up Evacuations in Lebanon, While Waiting to Act on Israeli Airstrikes

The NY Times reports that “The outlines of an American-Israeli consensus began to emerge” yesterday, as officials from both countries said, that Israel will “continue to bombard Lebanon for about another week to degrade the capabilities of the Hezbollah militia.” American officials also signaled that Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice “was waiting at least a […]

Taxpayer Money…

Link to Jack Abramoff Costs Ralph Reed GA Nomination

Former Georgia Republican Party chairman Ralph Reed, who “presided over the Christian Coalition for most of the 1990s and was regarded as one of the GOP’s rising stars,” lost his bid for the Republican nomination for lieutenant governor last night. The WaPo reports, that Reed’s loss is “the first electoral defeat this year that can […]

Kerry Seeks to Increase Investment in Low-Income Areas

Senator John Kerry the top Democrat on the Committee on Small Business and Entrepreneurship, is promoting greater investments in low-income communities. On Tuesday, Kerry introduced legislation to revive the New Markets Venture Capital (NMVC) program that he created in 2000. The bill brings in necessary capital for businesses, including small manufacturers and firms owned by […]