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Bush Moonlights as Masseuse

There’s a debate around the blogosphere today about what Bush was thinking when he suddenly came up from behind and started giving German Chancellor Angela Merkel a neck massage during the G8 Summit. Is that what qualifies as some sort of diplomacy in Bush’s mind??? (hat tip to Taylor Marsh) Or, was he trying to […]

House Rejects Gay Marriage Ban Amendment

The House rejected a constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage, today, ending for another year of congressional debate that conservative supporters of the proposed ban still hope bring them success in the fall at the polls. The 236-187 vote for the proposal to define marriage as a union between a man and a woman was […]

Wonkette’s Sick Twist on Kerry Press Release about Handicapped Intern Scheduled to Address Senate on Stem Cell Research

Earlier today, I posted a story from the Boston Globe about an intern in John Kerry’s D.C. office who was going to address the Senate this morning on stem cell research. Beth Kolbe, the Kerry intern is a “Paralympic athlete who was paralyzed in a car accident at age 14.” Normally, I ignore the likes […]

John Kerry to President on Stem Cell Debate: Don’t Veto Hope

As some Republicans remain in denial about the benefits of Stem Cell research, John Kerry spoke on the Senate floor this morning about his support for the research. He was accompanied by Beth Kolbe, a Massachusetts college student and stem cell advocate originally from Tiffin, Ohio, who is interning in his Washington office this summer […]

John Kerry Pens OP/ED on Stem Cell Research

As the stem cell nears passage John Kerry wrote an OP/ED in the Portsmouth Herald today on stem cell research: I’ll never forget almost two years ago standing in Winnacunnet High School’s gymnasium in Hampton — talking with people from across New Hampshire who believed in the promise of stem cell research to find cures […]

Kerry Intern’s Presence Puts a Face in the Stem Cell Debate

The Senate is in the midst of a deep debate on stem cell research, and although it appears that the Senate bill could pass, Bush has vowed to do something he has never done in “six years: veto a bill.” Bush remains unwilling to deviate from his policy set in August 2001, “restricting federal funding […]