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John Kerry Was Right: Iraq in Civil War

John Kerry was right in early April when he said in an OP/ED in the NY Times, “We are now in the third war in Iraq in as many years.” The UK’s Daily Telegraph reports, “The battle lines of a full-scale civil war in Iraq have been drawn in Baghdad.” Highway 60 has become one […]

More Bush is Out of Touch on Middle East Crisis: He’d Rather Talk About Roast Pig

The UK Observer reports that as Israel widens their Lebanon assault “a single strike on a convoy of families fleeing the fighting in a village near Tyre in the south of the country that killed more than 20 people, most of them children.” As the crisis grows more intense in both Lebanon and Israel, Bush […]

While Americans Wait to be Evacuated from Lebanon, Someone Should Ask – Hey George, What’s In That Bottle?

While Americans in Lebanon wait for an evacuation plan, George W. Bush has been taking part in photo-ops at the G-8 Summit. Here’s another priceless photo-op moment (hat tip to Dizzy Dezzi)… Maybe someone should be asking — Hey George, what’s in that bottle? In an update on my post below, the LA Times reports […]

Europeans Evacuating Lebanon, U.S. “Forming Plans” While Bush Does Photo-ops

The Washington Post reports that the U.S. is “trying to find a way to evacuate” an estimated 25,000 American citizens are who are trapped in war-torn Lebanon, while “Israel, with U.S. support, intends to resist calls for a cease-fire and continue a longer-term strategy of punishing Hezbollah, which is likely to include several weeks of […]

Pinched at the Gas Pump – Vote for Change in November

The LA Times reports on the pinch many are feeling at the gas pumps. “High fuel prices are pushing some drivers to the financial brink” says Elizabeth Douglass, an LA Times Staff Writer, “and to the pawnshop for gas money.” Just who’s getting hurt the most by the high gas prices? “Low-wage earners are feeling […]