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Former Bush Aide Fatally Shoots Autistic Son and Himself

A tragic end for a former Bush aide… A former Bush administration official, after arguing violently with his wife Thursday night, shot and killed his 12-year-old son inside their McLean home, then turned a shotgun on himself and committed suicide, Fairfax County police said. William H. Lash III, 45, was an assistant secretary of commerce […]

Jewish Bloggers and Joe Lieberman

Checking the links to the site today provides for one of the more absurd attacks from the right. The Church Militant links to an earlier post on Lieberman here and claims that the opposition to Lieberman is “Jew-hatred, pure and simple.” I would ignore such absurd attacks from someone whose blog both favorably quotes Ann […]

House Government Reform Committee Probing Abramoff Lobbying of White House

The WaPo reports today that weeks ago, the House Government Reform Committee Chairman Thomas M. Davis III (R-Va.) authorized a subpoena of the former law firm of convicted lobbyist Jack Abramoff for “records of any contacts he or members of his lobbying team had with the Bush White House.” According to several of their former […]

Culture of Corruption Continues in Congress

Tom DeLay may be gone, but it remains business as usual in the GOP controlled House. The New York Times reports that Boehner has continued DeLay’s old ties to lobbyists: Representative John A. Boehner won the job of House majority leader amid a post-Abramoff clamor for an overhaul of lobbying and ethics rules. But nearly […]

Democratic Reform Discredited Due to Bush Incompetence

One of the many consequences of Bush’s war in Iraq has been to discredit the idea of democracy in much of the world. Advocates of democracy in non-democratic countries are having a more difficult time advocating their cause. Thanks to Bush’s incompetence we are in a situation in which the President of the United States […]

Scientists Refute Conservative Claims on Stem Cell Research

The Washington Post reports that the “Clash Over Stem Cell Research Heats Up.” With a vote in Congress possible next week, and a threatened veto by George Bush, this is the current front line in the Republican war on science. The Republicans are waging this war on science in the same manner they promote most […]

Some Republican Bloggers Remain in Denial Over Polls

Republicans continue to be in denial about how much trouble they are in. One blog disputes the results of the recent AP-Ipsos Poll reported yesterday by complaining that Democrats led Republicans by 12% in the sample. They argue “So a group of people comprised of 12% more Democrats than Republicans was asked who should run […]

Wesley Clark or Joe Lieberman–The True Democrat

Wesley Clark got a good shot in on Joe Lieberman which seemed fitting after criticism he received from Lieberman during the 2004 primary battles. Live blogging at Daily Kos, Clark was asked if he would “support the candidate who wins the Democratic nomination in the CT primary for U.S. Senate?” Clark answered he would support […]