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DNC’s Voting Rights Institute Call for Manual Hand Count of Busby/Bilbray Ballots

Brad Friedman of BradBlog, who had tirelessly led the way in the blogosphere on the election fraud issue has breaking news today on the results of the Busby/Bilbray election results: In a harshly worded statement, the DNC’s Voting Rights Institute has issued a statement condeming the adminstration of the recent U.S. House race between Democrat […]

President Bystander on Stand By on Middle East Crisis

As the Middle East is spiraling out of control, and Israel extends “punishing airstrikes deeper inside Lebanon today,” Bush refused “a Lebanese request that he push Israel for a cease-fire.” Dan Froomkin writes today that Bush, rather than taking charge, is again reviving his role as the President Bystander: “The Middle East is exploding and […]

Valerie Plame Says Government Betrayed her Trust

Legal analysts say that the Plame-Wilson law suit could open up “new avenues for extracting information from the administration,” the WaPo reports today, because “Plame and Wilson could conduct discovery if the U.S. District Court in Washington lets the suit proceed.” Plame and Wilson might be entitled to demand documents from Cheney and others, as […]

Bush and Babies

What is it with Bush and babies? I have yet to see a photo in recent years of George W holding a baby, that both he and the baby don’t look miserable…