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Missile Systems in California and Alaska on Alert After North Korea Test-fires

Although authorities have determined there is no immediate threat from the missile test-fires in North Korea, nearly a dozen missiles in California and Alaska have been placed on alert and were made ready to fire during North Korea’s missile tests. Statements Tuesday and Wednesday from the U.S. Northern Command, which is responsible for defending U.S. […]

Rush Gets Off on Viagra Charge

Rush Limbaugh is off the hook in Palm Beach County, prosecutors announced today, “for the bottle of Viagra found in his luggage that was prescribed in his doctor’s name.” Charges could have nullified the conservative radio host’s plea agreement in a “doctor shopping” case. Limbaugh, 55, was detained for more than three hours at Palm […]

North Korea Test-Fires Seventh Missile

After firing six missiles over the course of four hours on early Wednesday, North Korea continued its launching a series of test-fires “sending a seventh into the Sea of Japan some 12 hours later during rush hour in Japanese cities.” Japan slapped limited economic sanctions on North Korea Wednesday and moved with the United States […]

Enron Founder Ken Lay Dead of Heart Attack

Recently convicted Enron founder and former chairman Kenneth Lay died early today in Aspen, Colorado., He was 64. Lay’s Pastor, Steve Wende of First United Methodist Church of Houston said in a statement after talking to Linda Lay, “Apparently, his heart simply gave out.” Lay, convicted of fraud and conspiracy for his part in the […]

Tax Cuts Losing Steam on the Hill

A signature campaign issue for Republicans in Congress is losing steam on the Hill. The Independence Day recess brought no tax-trimming victories for the GOP lead Congress to flaunt in home districts this 4th of July. Senate majority leader Bill Frist last week was forced to withdraw a measure to cut the estate tax, which […]

Bush’s Foreign Friends Dwindling

Bush’s small band of foreign friends is dwinding… Most of the leaders who defied criticism at home to stand with him on Iraq and win his friendship are no longer players on the world stage, or are on their way out…

Bush Signals a Flip Flop in the Works in Stance on Immigration

As nationwide hearings on the fate of the immigration bill prepare to commence, Bush signals he’s about to flip-flop and negotiate with House Republicans to revise the stalled immigration legislation before Election Day and include the “enforcement-first approach” that House Republicans have clamoured for. In a sign of that willingness, the White House last week […]