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Hillary Draws the Line for Lieberman

HillaryClinton drew the line for Joe Lieberman, when she said Tuesday she “will not back the Connecticut Democrat’s bid for re-election if he loses their party’s primary.” “I’ve known Joe Lieberman for more than thirty years. I have been pleased to support him in his campaign for re-election, and hope that he is our party’s […]

Liftoff II: North Korea Test-Fires Several Missiles

According to reports by Reuters, The Associated Press, CNN and other agencies North Korea has “test-fired several missiles in the early hours of Wednesday, July 5 (Tuesday afternoon Eastern time), apparently including the Taepodong-2, the long-range missile at the heart of diplomatic tensions with the United States and its allies.” The long-range missile seems to […]

Liftoff: Discovery Blasts into Space on Independence Day

The space shuttle Discovery and its crew of seven blasted into orbit today on the first space shuttle launch in a year. The Discovery was launched despite “objections from those within NASA who argued for more fuel-tank repairs.” NASA’s first-ever Fourth of July manned launch came after two weather delays and last-minute foam trouble that […]

Symbols of Peace

Heeding the call made by Glenda on “Posting for Peace” today, that Donnie noted here yesterday, here’s a few symbols of peace…

‘Troops Home Fast’ – U.S. Stars and Anti-war Activists Align in Hunger Strike

In a show of unity, Hollywood actor-activists including Sean Penn, Susan Sarandon, Danny Glover, and novelist Alice Walker have aligned with anti-war activists to launch a hunger strike, demanding the immediate return of US troops from Iraq. Yesterday, as Americans were set to fire up barbeques to celebrate the 4th of July, anti-war protestors savoured […]

John Kerry: How to Love Your Country

On the 4th of July Americans come together to celebrate our Independence. John Kerry writes on the Huffington Post today that the 4th of July is a day “to spend some time thinking about what it means not just to be an American, but to be a patriot — because the concept of patriotism itself […]