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Gitmo Win Could Cost Navy Lawyer His Job

Lt. Cmdr. Swift, the Navy judge advocate general, who was assigned as the military appointed attorney in Hamdan vs. Rumsfeld, recently decided by the Supreme Court, could be looking for a new job soon. The Seattle P.I. reports: …the Navy lawyer who beat the president of the United States in a pivotal Supreme Court battle […]

When Do We Publish a Secret?

Dean Baquet, editor of The Los Angeles Times, and Bill Keller, executive editor of The New York Times address the ongoing uproar over their decision last week to disclose the secret Bush administration program used to monitor international banking transactions. Here’s a quip: Make no mistake, journalists have a large and personal stake in the […]

Poll Shows Good News Fails to Boost Bush

A new poll released by Time Magazine shows that “good news at home and abroad” has failed to give Bush a boost in approval. A spate of good news at home and abroad has so far failed to boost how Americans feel about President Bush’s job performance. Bush’s approval rating slipped to 35% in a […]

Guantanamo and the Abuse of Presidential Power

Thursday’s in a decision by the the Supreme Court, the Bush administration’s plan to put detainees at Guantanamo on trial before military commissions, was rejected, ruling that the military commissions were unauthorized by federal and international law. William Arkin writes in the WaPo about “The Hero of Guantanamo.” In November, 2003, Lt. Cmdr. Swift, a […]