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Kerry Up, Clinton Down

Hotline has their End-Of-The-Half-Year Spotlight on the 2008 candidates. They rank Kerry as doing better for having “messaging entire party on Iraq now.” Front runner Hillary Clinton has stepped back as “public war boos were bound to happen.”

Nightmares of Nancy Reagan

We checked into Grand Hotel today and we were previously warned out usual suite wouldn’t be ready until Saturday so they would be putting us up elsewhere for the first night. When we checked in I guessed from the room number that it was one of the First Lady Suites. My fear was that I […]

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. Report Ignites Controversy

Tim Dickinson of Rolling Stone magazine, reports today on the controversy over Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.’s article in Rolling Stone earlier this month. It’s certainly been a controversial subject on this blog as well. The 2004 Election Kennedy report ignites controversy During a White House press briefing on June 8th, a tough question caught Tony […]

Wade Sanders on the Continuing Fixation of the Swift Liars Against Kerry

Wade Sanders wrote about the continuing fixation of the “Swift Boat Veterans for Truth (“Lies”)” on Military.com on Tuesday. Sanders echoed a feeling that many of share, in his post… When faced with the continuing attacks on Senator John Kerry’s honorable military service, those of us who have taken the time and extended the effort […]

Note to Bush “What Part of “Rule of Law” Do You Not Understand?

When the Supreme Court issued their decision yesterday on the “kangaroo-court tribunals” at Guantanamo Bay, they “asked him the obvious question: What part of “rule of law” do you not understand?” But, but, “I’m the decider,” insists George W. Bush. Not so fast there, Dubya… “Congress has not issued the Executive a ‘blank check,’ ” […]

John Kerry on Save the Internet: Stopping the Big Giveaway

As the battle for net neutrality heats up, John Kerry posted today on the SavetheInternet.com blog, about the vote on the issue Wednesday in the Senate Commerce Committee. Stopping the Big Giveaway – by John Kerry Editor’s Note: The following is a guest blog for SavetheInternet.com by Senator John Kerry (D-Mass.): On Wednesday in the […]

John Kerry on Bill O’Reilly’s ‘No Spin Zone’

John Kerry was on Bill O’Reilly’s “No Spin Zone” last night. Considering the “spin” that O’Reilly is famous for, it was a good interview. Last month O”Reilly noted in the Boston Herald that he sees Kerry as a viable candidate in ’08. Fox News notes that the “partial transcript from “The O’Reilly Factor,” June 29, […]

Senate to Consider Stem Cell Proposals

Yesterday, Senate leaders from both parties agreed to schedule a vote on a package of stem cell research bills that would loosen Bush’s five-year-old restrictions on the research. With head counts suggesting there are enough votes to pass the legislation and with Bush having promised he would veto it, yesterday’s action sets the stage for […]